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How do I get a visa to Canada in 2020?

Posted by Avisa:   21.01.2020

   The agreement between Ukraine and Canada requires Ukrainian citizens to obtain a visa to go to Canada for short-term travel. This rule applies to everyone, including children of any age. Applicants from the age of 14 to 79 must be fingerprinted at the Visa Centre of Canada.  These fingerprints are stored in a database for up to 10 years. The Canadian Embassy, in most cases, issues Visitor (temporary visitor visa) and Student visas. A Visitor visa (temporary visitor visa) can be for tourism, business, visiting as a guest, or for transit.

   A tourist visa to Canada is issued to those people who have the following purposes of the visit - tourism, excursions, and shopping. A business visa is opened for people who plan to visit Canada on an official visit, such as business meetings, attending seminars, conferences, and signing contracts. A guest visa is for short visits to relatives or friends. A transit visa to Canada for Ukrainians is necessary if you are traveling to another country through Canada. It is needed even if you do not leave the airport building. This visa to Canada allows you to stay in this country for 48 hours. A student visa to Canada for Ukrainians is necessary if you plan to visit Canada for more than 6 months of study. To plan a trip to Canada, you need to know all the requirements of the process of applying for a visa.

   There are two ways to apply for a visa: personally, filing at the Visa Centre of Canada and filing on-line on the website of the Canadian Embassy. The first option involves your personal presence in the Visa Center, with already prepared documents and questionnaires. The second method of filing online, downloading all documents and all information about yourself gives you the opportunity to submit your documents directly to the embassy, but in either case you will have to go to the embassy to have your fingerprints taken. This option is more suitable for those who are fluent in English, confident with their documents or who want to apply for a visa through a visa agency. Applying for a visa to Canada is possible in the above ways, but before choosing which one is more suitable for you, you need to consult a specialist. A visa to Canada for Ukrainians in 2020 is issued for 10 years or until the end of the passport, however, there are cases of getting a visa for a shorter period. The Canadian Embassy's basic requirements are:

  • appropriate and confirmed purpose of the trip;
  • providing all the necessary documents that confirm your financial situation and rooting you in your country of residence;
  • competent filling out the visa questionnaire;
  • qualitative translation of all your documents into English;


   Before applying for a visa, it is necessary to consider the time of processing of documents by the embassy.  For the visitor's visa - 14 working days, for a student visa - 21 working days.  Never provide false information about yourself, or fake documents. The cost of consular fee for a visitor visa, except for a transit visa which is free of charge, is 185 Canadian dollars. If you do not need to give your biometrics, the fee is 100 Canadian dollars. The fee for a student visa is 235 Canadian dollars. The fee can only be paid online using a card on the website of the Canadian Embassy before going to the visa center, or after downloading all documents to the site, if you submit documents online. In case of refusal, the cost of the consular fee is not refunded.

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