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The procedure for getting a visa to the UK

Posted by Avisa:   16.03.2020

Many Ukrainians dream to see the country of foggy Great Britain and are realizing that dream more than ever. But before you plan a route, buy plane tickets and book a hotel room you need to know the visa formalities of this country. All Ukrainians must get a visa.

It is very important before you start the visa application process to familiarize yourself with the requirements of the embassy.  The first thing to start with is to collect a package of documents.  You should understand the list of documents, and if any of the documents are expired, they should be renewed.  If a document is missing you need to replace it.  All documents need to be translated into English.

Next, you will decide on the purpose of the visit. A tourist, guest, or business visa to England is all the same visa type, Standard visitor visa.

Third - you need to fill out an online questionnaire on the website of the British government. The questions in the questionnaire are in English. All information about yourself should be stated clearly and truthfully.

Once the questionnaire is filed on the website you need to pay the consular fee of the embassy. The cost of a visa to England depends on its duration:

  • For 6 months. - £95
  • For 2 years - £361
  • For 5 years - £655
  • For 10 years - £822

If you need an urgent visa to England, along with the consular fee you will need to pay an additional € 380 (EURO).

When the fee is paid, you are given to make a choice of how you will apply:

  • with the help of assisted service - a paid service of the UK visa centre, whose staff will help download your documents online.
  • with the help of self-service - for those who can independently understand how to submit their documents online or apply to a visa agency, which can also help.  This is free.

Having decided on the way to submit documents, you choose the date and time of giving your biometric data.

At the appointed date and time, you must report to the UK visa centre with your passport and the first page of the printed questionnaire if you have chosen self-service.  If you choose assisted service, you need to bring with you a full package of documents and transfers.

The procedure of fingerprinting and filing documents (if required) is very simple and takes 30 minutes. There is no interview. After all the data is submitted, your documents will be considered within 14 working days in the case of standard procedure or 5 working days in case of urgent application.

A positive answer to your visa application does not come to your email address. The result will be sent to you through the mail and you will get the answer only after opening the envelope with the passport. In case of a refusal things are different. In most cases, the decision about a refusal comes to a personal mail electronically. The letter will describe in detail the reasons for the refusal and when it is possible to reapply.

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