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How much does a UK visa cost for Ukrainians?

Posted by Avisa:   19.07.2021

As you know, the United Kingdom of Great Britain consists of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands, and the Isle of Man. If you are planning a trip to any of these "historic" countries or islands, you need to apply for a UK visa.

A visa to the UK must be issued in advance since the standard processing of documents by the embassy is 15 working days.

Often our clients ask about how the situation with the coronavirus influenced the issuance of the UK visas to Ukrainians?

We can say with confidence that nothing has changed significantly. The procedure for applying for a visa to the UK for Ukrainians has not changed. When you are starting to apply for a visa to the UK, you need to collect a full package of documents:

  1. A passport and if you have previous passports confirming your history of travel abroad.
  2. Documents confirming the purpose of the trip: hotel reservations, air tickets, an invitation from relatives or friends, an invitation from business partners or to attend an exhibition / conference, etc.
  3. Documents confirming income: certificate of salary from work, tax returns, certificate of accrued dividends.
    4. Financing the trip. It is important to provide the embassy with documents that show that you have money for the planned trip. This can be a statement from the bank about the account balance and account turnovers for the last 6 months.
    5. It Is important to show the embassy your ties with your country. It can be real estates, family, children, business / prospective employment.

The list of documents may vary depending on the specific situation of a person. To understand what list of documents you need to provide in your case, contact us at the Avisa company and our manager will advise you on this issue.

The Avisa provides visa support for various categories of UK visas. We will help you get a tourist visa, business visa, wedding visa to the UK and others.

Consular fee for a visa to the UK for Ukrainians - £ 97. The consular fee is the same for everyone, both adults and children. This fee is paid for obtaining a multiple entry visa to the UK for 6 months.

The cost of a visa to the UK for a period of more than 6 months will be different:
For 2 years is £ 361.
For 5 years it is £ 655.
For 10 years it is £ 822.

As a rule, the number of days of stay on an Uk multi visa allows you to stay in the country for up to 6 months per entry.

Are there any other expenses besides the consular fee?

Certainly. The full cost of a visa to the UK for Ukrainians will still depend on:

  • How urgently you need to get a visa. The British Embassy can review your documents in 5 working days, and in some cases in 1 working day. The cost of urgent UK visa processing for 5 days is £ 220, for 24 hours - £ 956.
    • The cost of the consular fee may still vary from visa category. For example, the cost of a student visa to the UK for up to 11 months. - £ 187. Long-term student visa to the UK - £ 348.
    • All documents must be translated into English. If you don`t speak English, you need to contact a translation agency or our company to translate documents. The cost of translations into English is 1 page \ 4 euros.
    • Documents and visa application forms must be submitted and filled out in the online account. If you don't know how to do this, our company Avisa can help you. The cost of our services starts from 110 euros.
    • Also, depending on the situation, you may need other services from our company. You can figure out the prices on our website: or consult with our manager.

As you have noticed, it is impossible to know the full price of the UK visa without knowing the situation and the needs of the client. The final cost will be announced by our manager after consultation and clarification of all the nuances from the client.

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