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How much does a visa to Canada cost?

Posted by Avisa:   23.07.2021

Canada`s visa rules for Ukrainian citizens are very difficult. Before you start the process of obtaining a visa to Canada, you need to understand all the steps and start the process in advance. Understanding the process will save you time and money. If you make a lot of mistakes while applying for a visa to Canada, you will have more financial expenses at the end.

The first thing you need to understand is what type of visa to Canada you will be applying for.

The most popular visas to Canada:

  • Tourist visa;
  • Visa to visit your relatives or friends;
  • Business visa;
  • Student visa;
  • Super visa;
  • Transit visa.

Each type of visa to Canada has its own requirements for the list of documents and consular fee. For example, the cost of the consular fee for a short-term visa to Canada is $100 CAN. Biometric data costs $85 CAN. The consular fee for a visa to Canada is the same for all age categories of people. There is an exception  in the requirement for  biometric data because children under 14 years old and adults over 79 years old don`t need to give their biometrics

When you need a long-term visa to Canada, for example a student visa to Canada, the cost of the consular fee will be $150 CAN. Biometric data cost is $85 CAN.

There is no charge for a transit visa. Ukrainian citizens do not need to pay a consular fee. Your expenses will only be the services of the Canada Visa Application Center and the services of our company, Avisa.

How long does it take to get a visa to Canada?

The process of obtaining a visa to Canada must start at least 1 month before the intended trip. The Canadian Embassy processes documents 15 working days, but in some cases it takes up to 1 month.

How much will a visa to Canada cost me?

The full cost of a visa to the Canada will depend on:

  • If you are planning to apply for a visa yourself or you will need the help of specialists. The cost of our services starts from $110 US.
  • All documents must be translated into English or French. You can translate your documents yourself or contact our Company. The cost of translations into English is $4 US per page.
  • After your visa is approved, you will have the expenses of sending your passport to the embassy and courier services. During the coronavirus period, these services are an integral part of the visa process.
  • Also, depending on the situation, you may need other services from our company. You can figure out the prices on our website: or consult our manager.

Avisa provides professional services for obtaining a visa to Canada for Ukrainians. You can find out the exact cost of a visa to Canada after consulting our specialist. Our specialist will provide you with the most complete information about the process for obtaining a visa to Canada and will also offer only those services that you really need.

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