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The main demands for getting a UK visa

Posted by Avisa:   09.08.2019

According to Immigration Rules of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, alongside with your visa application the following documents should be submitted to the embassy of the state:

  • Valid international passport (if there are other international documents, the validity term of which has expired, these documents should also be submitted);
  • Air tickets and hotel booking confirmation;
  • Results of TB test from the authorized clinic or medical institution.

Moreover, to confirm the purpose of your visit to the UK you should also submit:

  • Financial documents, proving the availability of sufficient funds (a bank statement on the funds availability and account activity for the last 6 months, a letter from your employer or educational establishment, etc.);
  • A letter from your employer, specifying the purpose of your visit to Great Britain, the person you are planning to meet or negotiate with, as well as a confirmation of any settlements between your companies.

Documents testifying to the availability of your ties with the country of origin or residence are also of great importance.

Remember to pay a visa fee, the amount of which depends on the purpose of your visit to the UK and the period of your planned stay in the country. The minimum visa fee is $121.

The list of the documents is not complete, as it depends on the visa type you want to obtain and the purpose of your visit to the UK. The complete document list can be found at the embassy official site and in the UK Immigration Rules, having numerous appendixes. It goes without saying that all the documents must be translated into English. Furthermore, sometimes there is a need to write a motivation letter to the embassy. All that is a thorough and time consuming process, however, our experts’ knowledge and experience will enable you to do it quickly and get a visa.

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