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Visa to the UK for Ukrainians in 2021

Posted by Avisa:   04.12.2020

After 2020, many people will be asking what 2021 will be like in terms of travel. The coronavirus pandemic has made changes to tourism as well as embassies and visa centers. In this article, we will provide more detail about the UK, to review the situation with the issuance of visas today and what to expect in 2021.

               Now the UK visa center is open for issuing visas. All those applicants who plan to apply for a visa must complete ? the application in advance, as well as adhere to the rules of visiting the visa center: wear a mask, come with your pen, observe the social distance.

               The borders between Great Britain and Ukraine are open With  a visa to the UK, a citizen of Ukraine can enter the country, provided that he will pass a 14-day self-isolation in a hotel or rented apartments or in apartments of friends/relatives.

               As of November 5, 2020, the UK government introduced a lockdown for 4 weeks, but the borders as before were open. There is no decision on the extension of the lockdown for December.

               From December 15, 2020, passengers arriving in England will be able to take a test for coronavirus after 5 days of self-isolation and, in case of a negative result, will not have to quarantine. Those who refuse to take the test will have to adhere to 14 days of self-isolation.

               How to get a visa to the UK 2021?

               There are many different categories of visas to visit the UK. To choose the right one you need to start from the purpose of a visit to Britain.

               The standard visitor visa for Ukrainians 2021 is a generalized visa category, which may include different purposes of a visit to the country, such as tourism, visiting relatives or friends, business trips, etc. Below we will look at this category of visa in more detail, dividing into subcategories:

               A tourist visa to the UK will suit those people who plan to visit the UK for tourism and recreation.

               A guest visa to the UK is open to those applicants who have friends/relatives living in the UK.

               A business visa to the UK is for those planning to visit the UK for business negotiations, exhibitions/conferences, etc.

               A visa to the UK for a child under the age of 18 can be obtained, but under certain conditions:

  • The child must be sponsored by an adult, who guarantees that he /she will cover all the child's financial expenses during the trip.
  • If a child is accompanied only by one of the parents, notarized consent from the second parent/guardian for the child's trip is required. If the child is traveling with a third party, it is necessary to have notary consent from both parents.

               If the child will travel without an adult, the child's parents or guardians must provide:

  1. Written consent to travel to the UK.
  2. Evidence of suitable housing in the UK.
  3. The full name, date of birth of an adult who will take care of the child in the UK, as well as his written consent that he takes responsibility for the child during the trip to the UK.
  4. If a child is travelling with adults, their passport details must be included in the application form, which is completed on the UK State Department website. In the application form, you can specify up to 2 people with whom the child will make the trip. The data will be printed on the child's visa.

               In this category of visa to the UK (Standard Visitor Visa) - you can also take short-term training, the program of which is designed for up to 6 months.

               Academic visa to the UK - issued to those applicants who are going to conduct academic research in Britain or to take part in the writing of scientific papers. If your profession is a dentistry you can conduct research, teach, and engage in clinical practice, but not on a permanent basis.

               A medical visa to England - issued to those applicants who will plan to undergo treatment in the UK.

               The cost of a visa to the UK depends on how long the visa will be issued:

Visa for 6 months– £95.

Two-year visa– 361.

Five-year visa– 655.

A 10-year visa– £822.

               A Standard Visitor Visa can be issued for up to 11 months and up to 12 months in two cases:

When applying for a medical visa to the UK.

When applying for an academic visa to the UK.

The cost for both visas is £190.

               To sum up, note how many different purposes of the visit can fit into one category. We strongly recommend contacting our specialists at our company Avisa, if you cannot determine which category of visa you need to apply for.

               Studying in the UK 2021

               There are several categories of visas to the UK to study or take language courses. In this article we have already mentioned the category of visa to the UK (Standard Visitor Visa), which is suitable for short-term education in the UK (up to 6 months).

               The next category of visa we will consider is a student visa to the UK. This category of visa is long-term, the validity of the visa will depend on the duration of your course of study. The cost of a student visa to Britain is £348.

               Student visa for a child in the UK. This visa category is for children between the ages of 4 and 17 who will be enrolled in a UK school. This visa is issued for the duration of the training program. The cost of a children's student visa to the UK is £348.

               A short-term student visa to the UK is issued for up to 11 months. The cost is £186.

               For more information on each of the categories of student visas to the UK, you can find out the order for free advice from our Avisa specialists or call us at +38 (097)-577-27272.  

               Wedding visa to the UK 2021

               This visa category can be used to marry in the UK. You cannot live, work, or study on this visa. It is issued for up to 6 months. The cost of a wedding visa to the UK is £95.

               If you plan to apply for a fiancé visa to the UK or for your wife's visa to the UK, you must apply for a Family visa.      

               How to apply for a visa to United Kingdom 2021:

  1. The most important thing is to decide on the purpose of visit the country and choose the visa category.
  2. Collecting a package of documents.
  3. Translating documents into English.
  4. Creating your own personal account on the UK State Department website.
  5. Filling out visa application.
  6. Pay for consular fee of the British Embassy.
  7. Download your documents online in your personal account.
  8. Sign up for biometric data.

               A word of advice - try to start the visa process in advance. This will save you money, time, and stress.

               Is getting a visa to England 2021 realistic?

               Of course, despite the situation in the world because of the coronavirus, international tourism will continue to develop. Every year, the UK's treasury s increases by 4.5 billion pounds due to tourism. Unfortunately, 2020 will be the exception and yet all countries including the UK hope for improvements in 2021 in tourism.

               Our company, Avisa, is always informed about all changes in the UK visa policy and we are ready to help you in any matters related to visiting this beautiful country.

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