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AVISA has more than six years of experience preparing applicants for interviews, translating visa application documents and advising clients about the visa application process.  We have worked with visa applicants applying to many Embassy’s, but our focus is on the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom (Great Britain and Northern Ireland).

Our highly qualified experts understand the subtilties and nuances of the application process.  Initially we will review your overall eligibility. Next, we will guide you through the process of filling in the correct forms with your information, explain the purpose and function of the Embassy interview and prepare you for that interview, thereby improving your chances of a successful application. We prepare a full package of documents to be submitted to the Embassy. Our experts will answer all your questions, train you and provide any assistance and guidance you need. Finally, we can make all arrangements and reservations, book tickets and provide any travel services you need for a memorable trip abroad.

AVISA understands that the visa application process can be difficult to understand and be time consuming.  It is our goal to ensure that the process is easy and stress free for you.


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