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Tourist visa to the UK in 2021 is one of the most popular British visas among Ukrainians. The permit grants the right to enter the United Kingdom visiting historical or natural sites, museums, sports, and cultural events.

How to apply for a tourist visa to the UK

C-Visit is issued for any period from 6 months to 10 years and involves multiple visits to the country during this period. After issuing a document of this category with a minimum period, the applicant can apply for an option with a longer period of stay in the United Kingdom.

The process begins with the registration of an application form in English on the UK government website. The applicant will have to answer about a hundred questions regarding plans, visa history and personal data. The average time for consideration of documents is 21 days. If you urgently need to obtain a Standard Visitor visa you should pay an additional fee.

A tourist visa to the UK does not allow you to move for permanent residence, work, or study for a long time in the country. The number of visits is unlimited, but you should not stay in the UK for too long a period. The right way is a few short trips for no more than 15 days. As a rule, the Standard Visitor visa for tourism is issued to all foreigners who meet these requirements:

  • The duration of the trip does not exceed 6 months.
  • There are credible reasons for traveling to the United Kingdom.
  • After completing the trip, the foreigner will leave the UK.
  • Availability of funds to stay in Britain and return to the country of residence.
  • No intention of completing business objectives or performing work duties while traveling.

When registering a visa permit, the applicant must have serious evidence of compliance with all the specified requirements of the immigration service. Passing a consular check guarantees that a foreigner will stay in the Kingdom for a limited period without violating the migration regime.

A tourist visa to the UK in 2021 is given only to those Ukrainians who have proven strong ties with their place of residence, for example family, minor children, property, or work in Ukraine.

If the main applicant wishes to travel to the UK with a minor child, they will also need their own C-Visit visa. To complete it, you must register a personal profile, prepare documents, and pay consular fees for the child.

A Standard Visitor visa for travel is issued to all applicants who meet consular requirements upon presentation of genuine proof.

What documents are required for a tourist visa to the UK

A visa, category C-Visit for Ukrainian citizens, is issued at the British Embassy, ​​where a package of documents from Ukrainian applicants is sent. You can submit your biometric data at the Kiev Visa Application Center. A tourist visa to the UK in 2021 is issued after registering an application form, paying visa fees, and providing a full package of documentation:

  1. Ukrainian and foreign passport with copies of all pages.
  2. Application form for obtaining a C-Visit visa.
  3. Travel plan, hotel booking, air tickets in both directions.
  4. Certificate of employment and a bank statement detailing transactions for the last six months.
  5. Copies of certificates of change of marital status, birth of children or real estate.

The price of a tourist visa to the UK includes consular fees and biometric processing. The British Consulate reserves the right to change or supplement the list of documents for each applicant. Please note that all documents must be accompanied by a translation into the official language of the United Kingdom.

Answers to popular questions about the UK tourist visa

How much does a Standard Visitor visa to the UK cost?

The cost of a tourist visa to the UK will depend on the duration of the visa. For Ukrainians, this amount is determined by the exchange rate of foreign currency. Now, you need to pay a consular fee of 115 euros for a visa for 6 months.

What do you need for a tourist visa to the UK?

To register a C-Visit visa to Britain, you need to register an application on the website of the British government, pay visa fees, and prepare the necessary package of documents. All organizational issues are done remotely, but it is necessary to submit biometric data in person only at the visa center in Kiev.

How long is a UK visa issued for?

A tourist visa to the UK for Ukrainians is issued for a period of 180 days or more. A foreigner has the right to enter the country multiple times within the specified period. The applicant can also apply for a visa for 2, 5 or 10 years for tourism, business and visiting purposes.

What does a UK tourist visa give?

The C-Visit visa gives foreigners the right to make multiple short trips. Holders of the document are prohibited from marrying British people, getting a job, or studying in public educational institutions. It is not advisable to stay in the country for longer than the established period, since difficulties may arise when re-issuing a visitor or student visa.

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Purposes for a tourist visa:

Travelling to the UK
Visiting relatives, friends
Shopping tour
Free lectures, seminars
View the country before moving
Attending concerts, sporting events

Stages of cooperation:

Submit your application
Get expert advice
Submit documents
Pass biometrics
Get a visa to the UK


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