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Business visa to the USA 2021

Posted by Avisa:   18.02.2021

By law, for foreign citizens to visit the United States they must apply to the embassy for a visa. There is a large number of categories of US visas; the purpose of the applicant's trip determines the category of visa.

If your purpose of travel to the United States is related to business, for example, attending a professional exhibition, conference, negotiations with business partners, etc., you must choose the B-1 visa category. However,  if your plan to visit the United States includes tourism, you must choose a combined US visa category - B-1 / B-2.

A business visa to the United States is usually issued to Ukrainians for multiple entries and for  a duration of 10 years.

How to get a business visa to the USA:

  1. The first step is to get confirmation of your purpose of travel. This can be a paid or booked ticket to an exhibition / conference, or an invitation from business partners.
  2. Collect a package of documents.
  3. Pay the consular fee.
  4. Fill out the visa application form DS-160.
  5. Book an appointment for an interview at a convenient time for you.
  6. Have an interview with a visa officer.
  7. Receive your US visa.

Our company, Avisa, has extensive experience in  the processing of business visas to the United States.  So, before starting the process of applying for a visa in the United States, we recommend that you contact us for a free assessment of your chances.

A business visa to the United States for Ukrainians is issued by the US Embassy in Ukraine. To convince an embassy employee to issue you a business visa in the United States, you must demonstrate a strong tie with your country of residence.

To apply for a business visa to USA in 2021, you must fill out the DS-160 application form, which we mentioned earlier. A properly completed form DS-160 is an especially important step towards obtaining a visa to the United States, because before conducting an interview with you, the visa officer of the US Embassy will first study it. If there are  mistakes in the application form or information is incorrectly indicated, the visa officer will already be inclined to refuse your visa application.

A business visa to the USA  is suitable not only for private entrepreneurs and employees of international companies, but also for scientists who take part in conferences, symposia, or seminars. Without exception, all applicants applying for a business visa to US must familiarize themselves with the process of obtaining a visa to the United States, as well as with all the requirements.

The list of documents to obtain a business visa to the United States for Ukrainians is as follows:

  • Invitation. One of the most important documents you need to get a business visa to the United States is an invitation. If you or your employees intend to visit the United States to negotiate with American partners about cooperation or to study equipment in the United States, concluding contracts, etc., it is necessary that the host party in the United States sends you / your employees a business invitation. If you are planning to visit or participate in an event, for example, an exhibition, conference, or seminar, you must have a document confirming registration as a visitor or as a participant in the event.
  • Documents confirming income and activities in the country of residence. If you are a hired employee whom the company sends on a business trip to the United States, you need to provide the embassy with a salary certificate for the last 6 months, as well as confirmation from the employer that all expenses during the business trip to the United States will be fully covered. If you are a self-employed person or company owner, you must submit income tax returns for the last year.
  • Ties with the country of residence. You must provide documents that prove to the embassy that you will return to your country of residence after your trip to the United States. Usually, these are documents confirming that you have a family (spouse, children), real estate, business, etc.
  • Additional documents. Sometimes the embassy needs additional information. For example, documentation which confirms the history of your business relations with foreign partners in the United States or that you are an experienced specialist who has achievements in a particular field.

Obtaining a US business visa in 2021 is by no means an easy task. It is necessary to prepare for the interview, collect the correct package of documents, and fill out the DS-160 form. You can independently figure out the process of obtaining a business visa in the United States, but if you have questions and need help or advice, our company, Avisa, will be happy to provide you with expert consultation in obtaining a business visa to the United States.

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