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The US student visa (F1) provides foreign applicants with the opportunity to study at accredited educational institutions. You can use your visa several times during the entire period of its validity.

How to get a US student visa

A student visa in the United States opens great prospects for foreigners. Unlike a tourist or business visa, the Student Visa gives employment eligibility for jobs with a 20-hour work week. The permit allows foreigners to study in all kinds of institutions of basic and higher education:

  • Accredited US universities and colleges.
  • Private general education schools.
  • Public schools (grades 9–12, education period no more than 1 year).
  • Language courses.
  • Programs in which the weekly study duration exceeds 18 hours.

A US visa for students is issued only after formal confirmation of admission to the institution. When you interview with a consular officer, you must bring your original I-20 and your SEVIS receipt.

An important condition for obtaining a short-term or long-term visa is the consular officer's impression that the applicant will return to the country of residence immediately after completing his studies in the USA. A great way to increase the chances of getting a Student Visa is to prove strong connections with Ukraine at the time of the interview, provide confirmation of your intention to return and create a career in your country.

To obtain a student visa in the United States, you must prove that you have sufficient funds to study and live in the US during the educational program. If the applicant has minor children or spouse, family members can also apply for F2 and travel to the States with the applicant.

A Student Visa is issued after passing a personal interview at the US consulate. Communication with a visa officer will be exclusively in English. The face-to-face interview convinces the officer that the applicant speaks English at a level which will be sufficient for mastering the curriculum.

What documents are needed for a student visa to America

A visa to the US is issued to students only after receiving documents from an educational institution and paying for educational services. Further, a standard procedure is carried out with the preparation of an application, payment of visa fees, an interview, and the submission of biometric data at the consulate. To be guaranteed to get an F1 visa, you will need the following documents:

  • A form I-20, invitation, and information about the program from the university or school.
  • Receipts for payment of visa and consular fees.
  • A passport.
  • Certificates confirming the current educational level.
  • Electronic and printed photos that meet the requirements.
  • Documents confirming payment for educational services, or a sponsorship letter (in case when your sponsor will be paying for travel and study).
  • Application form and confirmation of registration of the application.
  • Confirmation of the appointment for the interview with the visa officer.
  • Certificates confirming employment, bank account status and statements of transactions for the last six months.
  • Certificates of change of marital status and the birth of children.
  • Proof of ownership of the property.

The previous list of required documents is not exhaustive, therefore the consulate always reserves the right to expand the list of additional documents for each applicant. Documents can be submitted in Ukrainian without translation, but only in the original sample.

It may take an applicant from 10 to 14 days to receive? process? or renew an F1 visa. During the summer period, the process will take longer due to the increased number of applications at the embassy. To have time to be granted a visa, it is advisable to apply to the visa center no earlier than three months before the planned trip.

You can come to the USA only after obtaining your visa but not earlier than thirty days before the start of training. You need to leave America within 60 days after the end of the program. To avoid problems with a new application in the future, it is advisable to leave the country before the expiration of the Student Visa.

Answers to popular questions about the US student visa

How much does a student visa to America cost?

The consular fee of the US student visa is $ 160. This must be done prior to scheduling an interview date. For more information on the cost of services for the preparation of documentation for entry into the United States, check with our manager or on the website.

What do you need to get a student visa?

First you need to choose a school, faculty, and study period. After payment and enrollment students, the institution issues a I-20 form with clarification of all data regarding the study. Next, you need to go through the usual procedure:

  • Prepare a package of documents.
  • Register an application form.
  • Pass a consular interview.

How long is a student visa issued for in the United States?

An F1 visa is issued for the full term of study. Traditionally, the period of validity is one academic year. You can find out more about the duration of training and the course in the I-20 form, which the university sends to prepare a visa application.

What does an American student visa allow?

Obtaining a US student visa gives Ukrainians the opportunity to study in American educational institutions with programs lasting at least 18 hours per week. The document allows you to study in any institution - accredited colleges, private schools, foreign language courses, etc. An F1 visa also gives the legal right to work no more than 20 hours a week, but after receiving a Social Security Number.

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Purposes for a student visa:

Study at an accredited college or university.
Education in chosen private high school.
Education in a public secondary school in grades 9-12 (up to 12 Mo.)
Attending English courses within certain programs.
Attendance at courses with a program of 18 hours per week.
Academic training

Stages of cooperation:

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Submit documents
Have an interview
Get a visa to the USA


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