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What is the probability of getting a visa denial to Canada? оформлення віз, фото на

Posted by Avisa:   07.05.2020

       A visa to Canada is a permit that allows you to visit the country for a limited period. Getting a visa to Canada with the help of a visa agency or independently requires a clear understanding of what documents will be needed. Because an interview is not required at the Canadian Embassy, the most important thing is to collect the most complete package of documents. Pay close attention to the passport, which must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of your planned return from Canada. To apply for a visa, documents confirming your financial situation and your attachment to your country of residence will be equally important. All documents need to be translated into English or French.

        After the documents are submitted to the embassy, a positive or negative response will come within 3 to 15 working days. A visa to Canada for Ukrainians in 2020 can be granted for 10 years or until the end of your passport. 

So how can you avoid being denied a visa? In addition to the fact that you need to familiarize yourself with all the rules and nuances, you should also know the common reasons for failure.

        Reasons for being denied a visa to Canada:

  • Providing false information. Do not try to deceive the embassy with false certificates or concealing information about relatives or other information. In 90% of cases, this leads to refusal, up to the ban of entry into the country for 5 years.
  • Having a passport without any previous visas. If you have no visas in your passport, this indicates that you have not traveled to a visa-required country and therefore have no pattern of observing visa rules. The exception is people who are invited by close relatives to visit.
  • Have relatives who live in Canada illegally.
  • A lack of financial guarantees. If, in the opinion of the embassy, your financial resources in your country are insufficient, you will likely be refused a visa. Information supporting your claims include bank statements that confirm enough money in the account, a certificate from work with an average salary and other helpful information, and tax returns if you are a private entrepreneur. Naturally, these documents should confirm your strong financial situation in Ukraine.
  • No attachment to the homeland. Having family, real estate, assets, and business are the things that will play an important contributing role in obtaining a visa.                        

        These are the most common reasons for visa denial.  However, this list is not complete because each situation should be considered individually.

        If you have been denied a visa, review any documentation which the embassy included with your passport when it was returned to you. It should note the reasons that did not satisfy the embassy. In most cases, they can be eliminated, and you may re-apply for a visa. Getting a visa to Canada after refusal is possible, but your first step is a consultation with an experienced specialist who will tell you what to do in your situation.

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