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от $ 110 Visa to the USA
Visa B1/B2 (Business / Tourism)
  • General information
  • Assessing the odds
  • Recommendations
  • Creation of a personal account
  • Filling out the DS-160 questionnaire
  • Appointment for an interview
  • Consultation 15 min.
  • Payment of consular fees
  • Formation of the trip route
  • Individual consideration of the situation
  • Drawing up a list of documents
  • Preparing for an interview 60 min.
  • Answers to the officer's questions
  • Obtaining your passport
  • Consular fee $ 160
от $ 150 Visa to the USA
F1 Visa (Student)
  • General information
  • Assessing the odds
  • Form i-20 validation
  • Creation of a personal account
  • Filling out the DS-160 questionnaire
  • Appointment for an interview
  • Consultation 15 min.
  • Payment of consular fees
  • Selection of educational institution
  • Preparing for an interview in English
  • Drawing up a list of documents
  • Preparing for an interview 60 min.
  • SEVIS Student Fee $ 350
  • Obtaining your passport
  • Consular fee $ 160
от $ 150 Visa to the USA
K1 Visa (Bride / Groom)
  • General information
  • Assessing the odds
  • Recommendations
  • Creation of a personal account
  • Filling out the DS-160 questionnaire
  • Appointment for an interview
  • Consultation 15 min.
  • Payment of consular fees
  • Drawing up a list of documents
  • Individual consideration of the situation
  • Checking the list of documents
  • Preparing for an interview 60 min.
  • Answers to the officer's questions
  • Obtaining your passport
  • Consular fee $ 265

Obtaining a visa to the United States is based on:

  • selecting the correct type of visa
  • providing logical and transparent information regarding the purpose of the trip.
  • correctness of the application of data in the questionnaire,
  • preparing all the necessary documents 
  • having a relaxed and stress-free interview at the Embassy.

To visit the United States of America, residents of Ukraine must apply for a visa. Documents for getting a visa should be submitted no later than three months before the planned trip.

How to apply for a visa to the USA?

  1. Decide on the purpose of the visit to the United States. The most common reasons are tourism, visiting relatives or friends, and business trips.
  2. Register on the official website of the US Embassy in Ukraine.
  3. Fill out a visa application form DS-160 online.
  4. Pay the consular fee. You can use it any time during the one year.
  5. Make an appointment at the embassy. Dates for this appointment may be available within two weeks or sooner. This should be considered when you plan your trip date. Also, availability for your dates will depend on whether you have been refused a visa in the last 12 months if you are a citizen of the country in which you will apply for a visa or not. To schedule an interview, you need to provide your passport number, bank receipt number for payment of the consular fee and the barcode (ten digits) from the confirmation page of the DS-160 application form. On the appointed day and hour, go to the meeting and bring a copy of a letter (copy) that will confirm the invitation for an interview and a copy of the confirmation of the completed DS-160 application form.
  6. Prepare for the interview. It is not always possible for a person to successfully pass this stage on his or her own. Because of inexperience and lack of knowledge of the process and type of questions asked by the visa officer, people sometimes make very serious mistakes. Therefore, we recommend that everyone use the consultation service before the interview, even if you are 100% sure of your answers. Sometimes over-confidence prevents you from seeing the nuances that can lead to visa denial.

Regardless of the decision, the visa officer will let you know if you will get your visa or not, at the end of the interview.

When do you need specialist help?

You can apply for a visa to the United States of America personally, but you should understand the slightest mistake in the application form in documentation can lead to a refusal. Our visa specialist will help people who are applying for the first time, have been previously refused, or need to urgently apply for a visa to the USA. Choosing a company, you need to read the reviews about it, as there are often cases when specialists make mistakes in the applicant's profile. Therefore, a company must provide a completed questionnaire to the applicant for review.

The chance to get a visa depends on many factors – your income, official or unofficial employment, the presence of relatives, movable and immovable property, travel history, etc. The US Embassy considers each applicant as a potential immigrant and your task is to prove otherwise. A full package of documents will increase your chances for a positive answer.

Any inaccuracy or falsely indicated information can lead to refusal. To avoid refusal, call us and our specialists will provide detailed information on all the features of filing documents and passing an interview. We will help you arrange everything correctly.

Types of Nonimmigrants US Visas:

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  • B1 - for business purposes. In most cases, such a visa is opened to Ukrainians who have (or get) an invitation from the company for an upcoming event or exhibition you want to attend. It is also for taking care of real estate issues.
  • B2 – is a tourist visa to go to the United States for travel purposes including visiting family or friends, as well as for short-term medical treatment. A tourist visa to the United States is issued for 10 years with the possibility of an extension.
  • F1 - a visa for people who plan to study in the United States. For this visa, you need to have an invitation from the school and confirm that all the financial costs are covered.
  • C1 - this is a transit visa which is used only for passing through the United States on your way to your destination. To obtain one, it is necessary to confirm the intention to use the U.S. territory only as a transit zone with tickets and a valid visa to the destination country.
  • C1D – this visa is also a transit visa, but only for crew members of an aircraft or sea vessel. To obtain such a visa, you need to confirm the route through confirmation from your employer.
  • K1 - this is a fiancé 's visa. This is not an immigrant visa but can be used to stay in the U.S. for 90 days for marriage. To start the process for this visa, you need to file an immigration petition, after which the bride or groom will be able to collect and submit all the necessary documents and be interviewed in the U.S. Embassy. If you are married to a U.S. citizen, this type of visa is not suitable for you and in this case, you need to apply for a spouse visa, namely K3.

The cost of a US visa

The cost of a US visa for Ukrainian citizens is - $160. This is the price of consular fee for such categories of non-immigrant visas in the United States:

  • B1-B2 (a tourist / business visa);
  • F-1 (a student visa);
  • C1-D (a crew member visa);
  • I (a journalist visa);
  • J-1 (a visa for participants in US exchange programs);
  • M-1 (a student visa for professional training).

The paid consular fee is valid for 1 year. In case of refusal of a visa to the United States, the consular fee is not refundable. Children pay the same fee as adults.

Other categories of US visas cost - $190. As a rule, the cost of this consular fee will be for the following categories of visas:

  • H (work visas).
  • L (a work visa for CEO of international companies who will be transferred to the same position in a branch of the same company located in the United States);
  • (a visa for persons with outstanding ability);
  • P (a visa for athletes, cultural workers);
  • Q (a visa for participants in international cultural exchange programs);
  • R (a visa for religious employees).

The cost of the consular fee for visa category K (a fiancé visa) is - $ 265.

Citizens of Ukraine can pay the US consular fee only at the cash desk of the Raiffeisen Bank Aval. If you don't have time to do this, or you are now in another country, our company, Avisa can make this payment for you.

Additional costs

In the process of applying for a visa to the United States, you may have additional costs, which will depend on the following factors:

  • If you are planning to apply for a visa yourself or you will need help from professionals. The prices for our services start at $110.
  • If you are applying for a US student visa, you will have additional costs for the SEVIS student fee - $350. Also, the educational institution will charge a fee for providing for you the I-20 form. The service costs from $150 - $200.
  • When you are applying for an L visa, you must pay a Fraud Prevention and Detection fee of US - $500.
  • Also, depending on the situation, you may need other services from our company. You can check the costs of our services on the website: or consult our manager.

In such cases the applicant does not need to pay the consular fee of the US Embassy for a visa, for example, this applies to:

  • Diplomatic visas to the United States.
  • If you find a mistake in your personal data of your visa, you need to revise the data . If it is not your fault the fee will be free for you.
  • Persons entering the United States for the purpose of conducting certain charitable activities.
  • J-1 visas to be sponsored by the US government.
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Avisa service costs:

  • assess the chances of getting a visa - free of charge.
  • consultation on the list of documents - $ 10.
  • consultation after visa refusal - $ 50.
  • evaluate the correctness of filling out the questionnaire - $ 30.
  • fill out the online form DS-160 on the embassy website according to your data - $ 60.
  • fill out the online form DS-160 with our recommendations - $ 100.
  • U.S. Visa Extension - $ 150.
  • registration of your account, appointment for an interview - $ 15.
  • payment of the consular fee instead of you - $ 10.
  • individual consideration of your situation + recommendations for an interview, 60 min - $ 100.
  • preparation for an interview in English with a certified English teacher up to 1.5 hours - $ 200.
  • make an individual list of documents - $ 10.
  • develop a travel route - $ 30.
  • hotel booking - $ 10.
  • booking air tickets - $ 10.
  • search for an exhibition or conference, booking a ticket for an event - $ 40 (the cost of the event itself is paid separately).
  • courier services for obtaining your passport from the US Embassy - from $ 10.
  • provision of translation services Kiev or Warsaw - from $ 100.

We provide our services only after signing a contract!

Answers to popular questions about the US visa

Where to get the US 2022 visa?

A 2022 US visa can be obtained from the United States Embassy in Ukraine. Avisa specialists will help you choose the right type of visa, purpose of travel, give advice about the necessary list of documents and prepare you for an interview to increase your chances of getting it.

How much does a visa to the US cost?

It is rather difficult to answer the question “how much does a visa to the US cost” without knowing the details from the client. The price ranges from $ 160 to $ 265, depending on the type of visa. If you want to figure out how much it will cost for you, contact our company Avisa. Our experts will calculate the full cost of all your expenses.

What documents are required for a US visa?

The list of documents for obtaining a visa to the USA depends on the type of visa and the applicant's personal circumstances. Be sure to take with you to your interview:

  • An international passport (current and old passports).
  • A photo, size 5 by 5 cm
  • Bank statement
  • Property documents
  • A statement from the place of work or study
  • Marriage certificate, birth certificate of your children
  • Confirmation of flight and hotel reservations.
  • Confirmation of the purpose of the trip, such as an invitation from relatives or friends, or a business invitation, the itinerary of the trip, etc.

A full, and correctly selected, package of documents does not guarantee a successful interview. They are more important to confirm your words and to justify your return to your country of residence.

How to renew a visa in the USA?

This procedure is only for those applicants who previously have had a nonimmigrant visa to the US. This means that if an applicant has had a U.S. visa which expired less than 12 months ago, the applicant has the right to use the U.S. visa renewal procedure without being interviewed.

To start the process, it is necessary to:

  1. Pay the consular fee at Raiffeisen Bank Aval.
  2. Fill out the DS-160 visa application
  3. Register on the website ustraveldoc. (Copy and paste the full URL).After registering you should receive a confirmation letter containing the procedure of updating the visa.
  4. Collect a package of documents that will include:
  • State the purpose of the trip.
  • Produce documents confirming the country of your permanent residence.
  • Produce financial documents.
  • Produce a statement of monthly income.
  • Have a new photo, size 5 by 5 cm.
  • Have a valid passport.
  • Have a passport with a previous visa to the United States.
  1. Send documents by mail to TMM Express.

You should be aware that much of your success in getting a US visa is a successful interview with a visa officer. The main objective of this interview is for the Embassy officer to determine the applicant’s travel intentions, and to pose difficult questions aimed at misleading an unprepared person. Consequently, our team will determine an individual approach to each customer`s situation, evaluate his/her background, consult on the documents` package to be submitted to the Embassy, and prepare our customer completely for the interview. The other part of your visa success depends on a correctly completed application, the carefully selected visa type and appropriately prepared documents package. These are all standard services provided by Avisa. 

If the correct documents are provided to Avisa, we can prepare a complete visa application package for the Embassy within 10 working days.


All the documents accompanying your visa application shall be submitted to the Embassy of the USA in person.


Our advantages

We have worked successfully with more than 650 customers over the last 18 months from Ukraine, Belarus, the Russian Federation and Poland. At the first meeting with our company we will estimate the probability in getting a visa and minimize your risk of a visa rejection by the Embassy.
Individual approach
Individual approach
Each of our customer’s is different so we make certain that we customize your application. Your specific background and situation dictate the strategy we use to help you get your visa.
“State of the art” method
“State of the art” method
Our business is almost entirely automated. We send your documents to you safely and securely via DHL and Nova Poshta.
The key to your successful visa application is cooperation. We will contribute 90 % of that success with our expertise and work and you contribute 10% with your background and documentation.

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