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Reasons for being denied a visa оформлення віз, фото на

Posted by Avisa:   12.07.2019

Ukrainians are increasingly planning vacations and travel abroad. Generally, it is easier if you have chosen a country which does not require a visa. Almost everything is simple - buy a ticket, rent a house and make other arrangements are necessary. But to organize travel to a country where a visa is required is not easy. There are subtleties about which you may not be aware which can result in the denial of a visa. When this happens, the passport is stamped, which consists of a letter (visa type) and numbers, which indicates the reason for the refusal. Therefore, when applying for a visa, you need to comply with certain rules. We have compiled a list of common errors which violate these rules and can result in a refusal. 

Untruthful information and forged documents.

Forgery of documents is the main reason for refusals. Untruthful or fake certificates confirming place of work, income, or place of residence are the common ones. Many hotels cooperate with the authorities and provide information about cancellations or lack of reservations. In any of these cases, the consular officer will probably refuse to open the visa.

Invitation visa.

The Internet is full of announcements about the sale of invitations to a country. You shouldn't trust these sources unless you know them personally or have a reference from a trusted person.   The person or organization who invites you may be on the blacklist of his country. The invitation will not be valid, and the visa will be denied.

Potential immigrants.

The consulate may require additional documents confirming your intention to return to Ukraine, e.g. property ownership, official work, marital status. These supporting documents ensure that you are not going to immigrate to the country.  Without sufficient or reasonable proof that you will return, your visa may be denied.


Relatives who have immigrated to the country you are about to visit pose a potential barrier.   Prepare honest, reasonable answers to the questions about how they were able to legalize their stay in the country.

Financial situation.

Financial instability and/or low income arouses suspicion. This can cause the consulate to believe that the applicant is visiting the country in order to improve his well-being by getting a job or receiving   social benefits from the state. To avoid such suspicion, you need to submit a certificate from the bank about the availability of sufficient funds in your account.

Violations of stay in the country.

If the terms of stay or residence have been violated or a law has been broken during a previous visit to the country, a visa could be denied.


During the interview, you can expect to be watched closely.  If the representative of the consulate sees that you are nervous or your answers do not coincide with the profile, or you have difficulty answering questions, the visa officer can refuse a visa.

The purpose of the trip.

During the interview, you should answer questions accurately, directly and without nervousness. Depending on the type of visa you are requesting, you can go into more detail about your trip, for example, if you are applying for a tourist visa you can discuss your route and what sites you plan to see.  If you are applying for a work visa, you should explain what you expect to do for work, for how long and where you will work. 

Health insurance.

Health insurance is mandatory when opening a visa. Although it may not be in the list of mandatory documents, you will be asked to submit evidence of health insurance. 

Refusals to open a visa.

Depending on the reason for a past visa denial in a different country, a visa may be denied.   The reason for the refusal plays a decisive role, as the consulate officer will send a request to the consulate of the country that refused to open the visa. If the reason for the refusal is identified and has been corrected e.g. a mistake in the documents or not enough funds in the account, the visa will probably be opened.  However, if the reasons are more serious, and not corrected the visa will probably be denied. If you are denied a visa you do not need to rush to reapply. Analyze the cause of failure, then, work on fixing your mistakes.

Using the right approach to opening a visa gives Ukrainians the opportunity for to visit any country in the world. However, each application is different and requires a customized approach. AVISA can help you with any questions you might have.  Contact us in a way that is convenient for you.

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