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A US guest visa is issued to foreigners who plan to visit relatives or friends who legally reside in the States. Document B1 / B2 is a permit for staying in the country up to 180 days within one visit. The duration of each trip is determined by the officer at the time of customs control.

How to apply for a guest visa to the US

The procedure for preparing a visa application consists of the standard stages for categories B1 / B2. The difference between tourist and guest permits lies only in the composition of the documents. For a tourist trip, it is necessary to prepare documents proving booking a hotel, tickets, and travel route. For guest or family visit, you must have the invitation of family members or friends.

B1 / B2 visa registration begins with filling out a personal application form on the US Embassy website. The form consists of hundreds of questions that relate to the applicant and the upcoming trip. In the process of writing answers, it is advisable to follow the spelling rules and formulate sentences succinctly.

A visa to the USA with the invitation from relatives is issued to those foreign citizens who have passed the application form and interview. In accordance with immigration law, each candidate is considered as a future immigrant. The main task of the traveler is to convince the consular officer of the family and economic ties with the homeland and the presence of serious obligations in the country of their residence.

The interview is conducted at the US Embassy at a time convenient for the foreigner. It is advisable to arrive at the interview in advance to have time to have your biometric data checked. After taking fingerprints, the consular officer communicates with the applicant in any convenient language within 7-15 minutes.

The embassy officer usually asks questions regarding information about the applicant for permission and the upcoming visit to the US. Before the conversation, the employee of the migration service reads the application form, so the dialogue is built based on the information provided. At the request of the embassy employee, the applicant must present additional documents.

It is possible to obtain a visa without an interview and submitting biometric data. This registration format is applied only in case of extension of a valid document and under the following conditions:

  • Obtaining a visa of a similar category.
  • The visa was issued for the maximum possible period and was not subject to administrative review.
  • The validity period of the previous visa ended no more than a year ago.

When applying the simplified procedure for obtaining a visa in the United States, the applicant must register his own application form, pay the cost of a visa to the United States, and send the documents to the embassy. A passport with a visa stamp is returned within 5-7 working days.

What documents are needed for a visitor visa to the United States

The process of obtaining a visa in the United States is unified, but it is in this category that the maximum refusal rate is observed, since due to the presence of family ties there is a risk of illegal immigration of foreigners.

The main factor for applying for a visitor visa in the United States is an invitation, which can be made by any citizen or Green Card holder. A permit is issued only if the host resides in the country on a legal basis and does not have violations of the law or in tax arrears.

The invitation letter is drawn up in free form and sent by the applicant to the (what?) e-mail address. The document must contain the following detailed information about the planned trip:

  • Start and end dates of the trip.
  • Purpose of travel.
  • Place of visiting in the States.
  • Financial guarantees.

In addition to the invitation, you must attach documents confirming the legality of the inviting person's residence in the USA. For such purposes, you can apply a photocopy of their passport or residence permit, as well as joint photographs, personal correspondence, etc.

The final decision on issuing a visitor's visa to the USA is made on a personal basis and depends on the persuasiveness of the evidence that can confirm the absence of grounds for untimely departure to the country of residence. To guarantee the visa officer that the applicant will return home the factual prerequisites for a close relationship with their state should be provided along with a convincing interview. The following are considered as serious evidence:

  • Certificate from the current place of work.
  • Copies of certificates of change of marital status, birth certificates.
  • confirmation of ownership of real estate or vehicles.
  • Bank statements with information about the balance of the account and a transcript of transactions for the last six months.

Also, the applicant will have to prepare general documents:

  • Foreign and internal passports.
  • An application form completed in English.
  • Printed and electronic photographs that meet visa requirements.
  • Paid consular fee.
  • Confirmation of the appointment for the interview.

All forms and certificates, except for the application form, can be filled out in any language. This list is not exhaustive. The US Consulate reserves the right to request additional documents from an applicant. Please note that to exclude the risk of refusal, you need to provide to the consular staff only originals of your documents with a sufficient validity period.

Answers to popular questions about the USA visitor visa

How much does a visitor visa to the USA cost?

A 2022 US visitor visa requires a $160 fee. Payment must be made before scheduling an interview. For more information on the cost of services and about documentation, ask our manager or use our website.

What do you need to do to get a guest visa to the USA?

You need to fill out a visa application form on the website of the USA Embassy, ••prepare necessary documents, pay visa fees, and successfully pass an interview with a visa officer.

For what period is a guest visa issued?

For Ukrainians, a visa to enter the country is given for 10 years.

What does a guest visa give?

A visa to the United States with the invitation from friends or family members makes it possible to visit the country without the right to work, study and immigration. A stay in the United States is allowed up to 180 days.

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Family visit
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Visit to friends
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Meeting with friends

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