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A Successful Interview at the USA Embassy оформлення віз, фото на

Posted by Avisa:   30.07.2019

Most USA non-immigration visa applicants must be interviewed by a consular officer. During the interview you have to submit documents proving that you qualify for a certain visa in accordance with the USA Immigration and Nationality Act. According to the law, a consular officer will probably thoroughly investigate the applicant’s  passport and visa application. If the consular officer considers  certain documents to be informative (e.g., a letter of the person inviting you to the USA), he can ask you to submit it. Thus, while preparing for the interview, it is necessary to carefully gather all the documents the consular officer may ask you to submit. However, there is no need bringing a huge pile of all available documents to the USA embassy and showing it to all the embassy employees. It is sure to convince that a USA visa is vitally important for you whereas you just want to travel to the country you have not been to yet. An applicant can be denied a visa according to section 221(g) of the USA Immigration and Nationality Act if the proper documentation is not submitted . With assistance of competent and experienced managers of our company, AVisa,  you can expect to avoid delays and rejection of your visa application.

 According to section 214 (b) of the USA Immigration and Nationality Act, each applicant can be regarded as a potential immigrant. To overcome this  legal assumption, you must demonstrate to the consular officer that you will leave the USA before your visa expires. During the interview, the applicant should submit all the appropriate documents (including the evidence of the applicant’s binding ties with the country of his/her residence). Moreover, you should not show off your knowledge of English. You are going to the USA for a tourist purpose so it is worth proving the level of English which is enough for you to daily communicate, particularly, if you are planning an individual trip to the country rather than a tour within a group.

 An important feature   to the success of your interview at the USA Embassy or consular agency in getting a visa is the applicant’s calmness and self-assurance while answering all the questions from the consular officer. It is your tourist trip to the USA that is at stake but not a matter of life and death, so it is desirable for those USA visa applicants who are too nervous to calm down (maybe, you should use such sedating medicines as valerian drops) and set themselves up for the confident and natural communication with a visa officer. But attempts to joke with an embassy employee, familiarity, a vulgar makeup and too outgoing clothes are unlikely to contribute to your visa application approval.Our company’s clients receive a great bonus from our experts –  psychological training before the interview which can be  additional factor of your success.

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