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How to get a student visa to the US in 2020? оформлення віз, фото на

Posted by Avisa:   19.08.2020

Studying in the United States of America has always been a promising idea. Students from all over the world, including Ukraine, travel to the United States to get higher education, a degree, take language courses, etc. When an applicant has decided on an educational institution and a training program, it is important to understand the next steps.

Step 1 - make a prepayment for tuition, pay the SEVIS fee, and get the original I-20 form from the educational institution;

Step 2 - pay the visa fee of the US Embassy and ​​fill out the DS-160 visa application form;

Step 3 - collect all the necessary documents;

Step 4 - make an appointment for an interview;

Step 5 – go for  an interview.

Important! Beginning on  08/12/2020, the US Embassy in Kiev will resume work on the provision of services for F and  M visas.

It is also very important to decide on which category of student’s visa you are going to apply for. There are 2 categories:

  • F1 visa – this is issued to an applicant who plans to undergo academic studies at a university, college, school, or take language courses. The educational institution must be accredited in the United States and the student must take at least 18 credit hours per week.
  • M1 visa – this is issued to an applicant who plans to receive professional, non-academic training in the United States.

What follows is the main list of documents needed for a US student visa:

  • Original Form I-20. This document is requested by the applicant from an educational institution in the US.
  • Payment of SEVIS fee. This fee is paid online on the USCIS website.
  • Financial documents. The applicant must prove to the embassy that he or his sponsor (parents) is able to cover the costs of education, accommodation, and meals.
  • Additional documents. Depending on your application, you may need documents confirming a strong connection with the homeland, certificates, diplomas, and test results for English proficiency, etc.

To apply for a student visa in the United States, you need to be prepared for an interview at the US Embassy. You must be ready for an interview with the visa officer in English. As an example, here are two of the most common questions asked by a visa officer: Why do you want to study in the United States? Why did you choose this educational institution?

It is extremely important to reasonably answer the questions posed.

Our company, AVisa, has a great deal of experience and success in obtaining F1 and M1 visas. By contacting us, you will receive:

  • Detailed consultation;
  • High-quality preparation for the interview with the visa officer;
  • Professional completion of the DS-160 form.
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