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Visa questions are perhaps some of the most difficult and cannot be answered unequivocally with one answer. As each customer has his own visa history, there are nuances that must be taken into account when applying for a visa.

AVISA staff work with each customer individually. The filing of documents can vary depending on the country of intended travel.

Most people have questions when applying for a visa which are normally related to the correct filing and registration and also the interview with the visa officer of the chosen country, whether it be the United States, Great Britain, or Canada. On the FAQ page of our website, we have listed questions that our experts have to answer most often.

If you have not found the answer to your questions on our website, be sure to contact our experts in a convenient way for you. Email us at Messenger or call one of the phone numbers you see on our website and we'll talk about your future trip in more detail.


  • Of course, each client can fill out and submit documents on their own but, our experience   indicates that the filing of an application requires answers to many questions, many of which most people are unfamiliar with.  It is not always possible to find answers on the Internet. Nevertheless, if you find an answer, it will often be relevant to a completely different situation than your own and could result is your application being rejected. We guarantee our work and consultation. If it turns out that our professional opinion is incorrect, we will refund a full amount you have paid.

  • Our main office is in Kiev. Also, we have partners in Kharkiv, where you will be able to sign a contract as well. By the end of 2019 we plan to open another office in Lviv. With all the others we work remotely under a contract.

  • Anyone has a chance to get a visa to these countries, but your chances depend on your individual situation. The important point is to find an individual approach to each case, prepare and submit all documents properly to the appropriate Embassy or the Consulate. By working with our company, you will know your chances of getting a visa.  We can also instruct you so that you can increase your chances up to 90% probability of getting a visa.  

  • If you want to submit your documents to the Canadian or British Embassy - we can apply for you.  However, you must be present at the appointed day at the Embassy to provide your biometric data.

    At the USA Embassy, you must be present in person to be interviewed.

    Some exceptions are:

    • Children under the age of 14;
    • People over the age of 79;
    • People who are applying for the renewal visa (without a personal presence).
  • It all depends on how your relatives got there and what their current status is. In some cases, this may have a negative impact on the Embassy’s officer decision. But, in other cases, it doesn’t mean anything.

  • Refusal is not a sentence. The main thing is to analyze your situation and the reason for your denial.  Take all this into consideration before you apply next.   

  • It all depends on the situation. Sometimes, you may apply immediately, but sometimes it will necessary to wait 6 months or more.

  • Permanent income and your financial guarantee is certainly a plus to obtaining a visa. But each person's situation is different, and it is necessary to evaluate its entirety. So, these documents will not always be key.

  • Possibly.  Embassies who are concerned about national security are browse social networks and communities, especially those hostiles to their countries. They must be sure that the person who applies for a visa is not a terrorist or does not pose a threat to their country.

  • We have had some cases when clients approached us with “clean passports” and with a lot of interest in getting a visa. It is very important initially to choose the right strategy and a company who will prepare your documents correctly and will prove that you are not a potential immigrant to the Embassy. 

  • To answer this question, it is necessary to understand why your visa was cancelled. When the reason is clear only than you will decide about reapplying.

  • Unfortunately, if you have violated your stay in a country, it is possible that the next time you try to travel to that country, you may be denied to entry to it.

  • Fake documentation is a BIG risk.  You could be banned from entering the country for up to 10 years. Moreover, you may have problems obtaining visas to other countries.

  • A 100% guarantee can only be given by a Consul of the Embassy to which you apply. Any company who guarantees you a visa is either lying or does not understand the process or both.

  • To answer this question, it is necessary to understand what incorrect data were provided to the Embassy.  When the reason is clear, evaluate your situation. HOWEVER, we strongly recommend you not to do it by yourself! Come to the experts in a timely manner for the right advice!

  • Yes, visa officers know Russian and Ukrainian at the U.S. Embassy.

  • For children under the age of 14, biometric data is not required.

  • Administrative inspection involves a detailed review of your case for up to 2 months, and sometimes longer. Perhaps the Embassy/Consular will ask you to clarify some information, as well, they can ask for additional documents.

  • Our company has an individual approach to each case. Therefore, our prices are based on the customer's situation and the services we provide. We are flexible with fees. Payment should be made in national currency. The range of fees for our service is equivalent to 100$- 390$. In addition, you have to pay the required Embassy’ fee.

  • We do not work with our clients the same way, using the same template for every client as many companies work. We do not have a long list of obviously losing situations in order to increase the company profits. We individually approach and consider a situation of our clients.  We evaluate your chance of getting a visa and we communicate our opinion directly and honestly to you without exaggeration. We give each person a choice to make their own decision in applying for a visa. Moreover, we pay a close attention and provide a high quality of the service throughout the duration of cooperation.

    Our goal is a visa in your passport!

We work with embassies around the world

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