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Assistance with applying for a visa

The AVISA visa center team assists applicants in obtaining visas to the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

As our extensive practice shows, in order to successfully open a visa to the U.S., you need to fill out a questionnaire correctly, properly assemble a package of documents, and choose the type of visa that matches the purpose of your trip. Having done everything correctly, you stand a good chance of success. The remaining success depends on an interview with a visa officer. The main purpose of the visa officer is to reveal, through provocative questions, the applicant's potential immigration intentions. Hearing unexpected questions, the applicant, as a rule, begins to get nervous and behave insecurely, which will inevitably lead to the denial of a visa.

Assistance with applying for a visa

To obtain a visa to Canada an applicant must correctly fill out the questionnaire, mentioning the specific purpose of the trip, and write a cover letter which is honest and convincing. There are many pitfalls in filling out the profile data. Also, an incorrectly collected and submitted package of documents about the applicant is certain to generate a refusal. Our qualified employees have all the knowledge to help you get a Canadian visa.

At first glance, it appears that everything is very simple in getting a visa to the United Kingdom. It seems that all you must do is to collect documents, indicate the purpose of the trip, and confirm your financial status and that's it. However, the consular office will be very careful studying and verifying documents. So even a minor error at any part of the process can lead to refusal. Our visa center helps the applicant to collect the complete package of documents, fill out a questionnaire without errors and draw up the route of the future trip. Also, if necessary, the employees of AVisa will draw up a motivational letter with clarifying information about the applicant.

The complete and accurate package of documents, competent filling of the questionnaire, individual preparation for the interview with the visa officer, and the preparation of cover letters and individual work with each applicant is a guarantee of obtaining a visa to the country to which you intend to travel.

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How to get a visa to USA?

Our team assists citizens of Ukraine and other countries in preparing documents necessary for obtaining a USA visa. We advise our customers to apply for visas to the Embassy of the USA to Ukraine in Kyiv, the Embassy of the USA to the Republic of Poland in Warsaw, as well as the Embassies of the USA to other countries depending on our client`s place of residence, work or studies.

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How to get a visa to Canada?

For six years, AVisa has worked with visas to Canada. Our team has accumulated expertise and knowledge to assist you in applying for a visa. We are happy to share the nuances and possible issues you can face while filling in an application with our customers. Taking into consideration the purpose of your trip, we can plan and document your route, assist in preparing the appropriate package of documents, write cover letters aimed at assuring a visa officer of the applicant having no immigration intentions.

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How to get а visa to the UK?

Have you decided to visit Great Britain? If so, mark your calendar so that you’ll not forget to apply for a visa. It is necessary for all citizens of Ukraine to apply for a visa to the Embassy of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in advance. The most important factors in getting your application approved is to state the real reason for your trip to Great Britain, document your financial status, and prove your strong ties to Ukraine, thereby ensuring your return to the motherland.

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