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How to read a visa to the UK in 2020? оформлення віз, фото на

Posted by Avisa:   10.02.2020

A visa to England is one of the most difficult visas to get because the embassy of this country very scrupulously reviews documents and data that are included in the questionnaire. To apply for a visa to England, you need to collect a package of documents in advance, translate everything into English, fill out a questionnaire, pay a consular fee and sign up for the visa center. If you need an urgent visa to England, you will be able to pay an additional fee and your visa will be ready in 5 days.

In this article we will tell you how to properly use a visa to the UK to avoid problems at the border and in the future with the embassy when obtaining the next visa.

Using the example of a 10-year visa (see image below), we will explain each point:

  1. The place where the visa was issued...
  2. The date of issuance of the visa, from this day you can cross the border.
  3. The end date of the visa, or the last day you can stay in the UK.
  4. The word "Mult" (multiple) means that you have been given a multi-visa visa and you can enter and travel an unlimited number of times with this visa. You can also visit Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland more than once. If the number "1" or "2" is specified in this section, this figure indicates the number of possible entries into the country on this visa.
  5. The word "Visit" denotes the type of visa, that is, on this visa you can enter for tourism, business, or as a guest.
  6. The name and surname as it appears on your passport.
  7. This section contains the passport number. Be sure to check your personal information on your visa. In case of an error, it is necessary to contact the embassy immediately.
  8. The date of your birth
  9. Your citizenship
  10. The phrase "NO WORK OR RECOURSE TO PUBLIC FUNDS" means that on this visa you are not allowed to work, apply for unemployment benefits, or apply for childbirth allowance.
  11. The phrase "Duration 180 days" means you can stay in the UK for up to 180 days for one visit. If the visa is issued, as in this case for 10 years, you may visit the UK for up to 180 days in each year for 10 years. However, we recommend that you do not to abuse this privilege, because getting your next visa will probably be very difficult.


We would like to note that the cost of a visa to England will depend on the following factors:

  • Visa terms (you can choose a visa for 6 months, 2 years, 5 years and 10 years);
  • Urgent review of documents or standard review;
  • Whether you will use the additional services of the Visa Centre;
  • Whether you apply for services to the Visa Agency.


Getting a visa to England is not easy, but with a competent, professional approach and knowing all the nuances in the paperwork and questionnaire you stand an excellent chance of success.  However, if you are in doubt or not sure of everything, you should consult with and hire experienced professionals!

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