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от € 110 Visa to the UK
Visa for Tourism / Business
  • General information
  • Assessment of the chances of obtaining a visa
  • Recommendations
  • Filling out an online questionnaire
  • Filling out the Check list form
  • Registration on the embassy website
  • Online submission of documents
  • Payment of consular fees
  • Registration for the delivery of biometric data
  • Individual consideration of the situation
  • Drawing up a list of documents
  • Travel plan development
  • Hotel room reservation
  • Flight booking
  • Translation of documents
  • Writing a cover letter
  • Obtaining a passport at the embassy
  • Consular fee £ 95
от € 110 Visa to the UK
Visitor visa
  • General information
  • Assessment of the chances of obtaining a visa
  • Recommendations
  • Filling out an online questionnaire
  • Filling out the Check list form
  • Registration on the embassy website
  • Online submission of documents
  • Payment of consular fees
  • Registration for the delivery of biometric data
  • Individual consideration of the situation
  • Drawing up a list of documents
  • Recommendations for the invitation
  • Verification of your documents
  • Flight booking
  • Translation of documents
  • Writing a cover letter
  • Obtaining a passport at the embassy
  • Consular fee £ 95
от € 110 Visa to the UK
International driver visa
  • General information
  • Assessment of the chances of obtaining a visa
  • Рекомендации
  • Filling out an online questionnaire
  • Заполнение формы Check list
  • Registration on the embassy website
  • Online submission of documents
  • Payment of consular fees
  • Registration for the delivery of biometric data
  • Individual consideration of the situation
  • Drawing up a list of documents
  • Contract recommendations
  • Verification of your documents
  • Urgent consideration
  • Translation of documents
  • Writing a sponsorship letter
  • Obtaining a passport at the embassy
  • Consular fee £ 95

The essential documents to obtain a UK visa are as follows:

Great Britain is no longer part of the EU. Ukrainians who have a biometric passport need visa to visit this country. If you have a visa to the UK, it will be possible to visit Northern Ireland, England, Scotland, and Wales and even Ireland but with some conditions. A visa to the UK is one of the most difficult to obtain -even if you make only a small mistake in filling out an application form or selecting documents, you can get a refusal.

Avisa specialists will help you to increase your chances of obtaining a visa and help you prevent  unnecessary mistakes. During 8 years of our work, we have helped clients open a visa even in the most difficult cases.

How to get a visa to the UK

  • Decide on the type of visa.
  • Complete the visa application form online on the website of the British Embassy. In the application form it is necessary to enter truthful information about yourself, about your income, loved ones and so on. The visa application form must be filled out for everyone: children, adults, and elderly people. The application form can be complex for some people, and you may not know how to answer. Also, in an additional field you should describe a detailed plan of your trip; what places you will visit, where you will stay (in a hotel or a private home), for what period of  time and so on. If, in your situation, there are issues about your visit, they should be entered into the visa application form.
  • Pay the consular fee.
  • Collect a package of documents and translate them into English.
  • Submit documents. There are two ways to do this:
    • with the help of assisted service - a paid service of the UK visa center, whose staff will help download your documents online.
    • By self-service - for those who can independently understand how to submit their documents online or apply to a visa agency, which can also help. This is free.
  • Sign up for the submission of your biometric data to the UK Visa Application Center.
  • At the appointed date and time, you must report to the UK visa center with your passport and the first page of the printed visa application form if you have chosen self-service. If you choose assisted service, you need to bring with you a full package of documents and translations.

The procedure of fingerprinting and filing documents (if required) is very simple and takes 30 minutes. There is no interview. The standard time for reviewing documents by the embassy is 15 working days. If you need an urgent visa, you must pay an additional fee of 270 euros, in which case the documents will be reviewed in 5 working days.

A visa is issued for either 6 months, 2 years, 5 years, or 10 years. You may request the time you want for the visa, but when deciding, the embassy may issue a visa for less than your request.

A n approval of your visa application does not come to your email address. The result will be sent to you through the mail, and you will get the answer only after opening the envelope with the passport. In case of a refusal things are different. In most cases, the decision about a refusal comes to a personal mail electronically. The letter will describe in detail the reasons for the refusal and when it is possible to reapply.

To obtain a visa to England, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Decide on the purpose of the visit and type of visa
  • Prove that you have enough compelling reasons to return to Ukraine
  • Prove the financial ability to pay for a trip, as well as on-going income
  • Collect, translate, and submit documents and fill out the visa application form

We strongly recommend NOT buying flights and hotel rooms before your visa is approved.

Obtaining a visa with a passport without travel history

The travel history in the foreign passport is a   positive factor in the decision of getting a visa. Your travel history will confirm your financial and tourist reliability. New passport holders need to save all old passports that have been stamped from previous trips. If there is no travel history, it will be necessary to focus on other confirmation of the ties to the country of residence.

Time for obtaining a visa

It is advisable to submit documents 2 months in advance, because:

  • It takes the British Embassy  15 working days to review your documents, sometimes the review of documents stretches for longer,
  • your documents will be reviewed after you give your biometric data
  • Fingerprints (biometric data) can be taken only by appointment and the queue for which can be a week in advance.

Ways to get an urgent visa to the UK:

  • Use the emergency review service. In this case, your documents will be reviewed in 5 working days and in addition to the consular fee you will need to pay 270 EUR
  • You can also use a special service of the Visa Center, which allows you to take fingerprints on any working day without a queue, and without a prior appointment, which also saves time. For such a service, you will need to pay an additional 2500 UAH.

The list of documents for applying for a visa to the UK:

  • An international passport (current and old passports).
  • A photocopy of all pages of the internal passport.
  • Confirmation of flight and hotel reservations.
  • Documents confirming income - a bank statement for the last 6 months, the current balance on the account, a statement from the place of work or study, etc.
  • Documents confirming your attachment to the homeland,
  • Confirmation of the purpose of the trip, such as an invitation from relatives or friends, or a business invitation, the itinerary of the trip, etc.

Important! The British Consulate can request additional documents from the applicant, for example, a tax certificate, etc. The current list of documents in your case can be checked with our consultants or on the official information website of the United Kingdom public sector.

Types of UK visas

Standard Visitor Visa

The standard visitor visa for Ukrainians in 2021 is a generalized visa category, which may include different purposes of a visit to the country, such as tourism, visiting relatives or friends, business trips, etc. Below we will look at this category of visa in more detail, dividing into subcategories:

  • A tourist visa will suit those people who plan to visit the UK for tourism and recreation.
  • A guest visa is open to those applicants who have friends/relatives living in the UK.
  • A business visa is for those planning to visit the UK for business negotiations, exhibitions/conferences, etc.

In this category of visa to the UK (Standard Visitor Visa) - you can also take short-term training, the program of which is designed for up to 6 months.

Visa for children

A visa to the UK for a child under the age of 18 can be obtained, but under certain conditions:

  • The child must be sponsored by an adult, who guarantees that he /she will cover all the child's financial expenses during the trip.
  • If a child is accompanied only by one of the parents, notarized consent from the second parent/guardian for the child's trip is required. If the child is traveling with a third party, it is necessary to have notary consent from both parents.

If the child will travel without an adult, the child's parents or guardians must provide:

  • Written consent to travel to the UK.
  • Evidence of suitable housing in the UK.
  • The full name, date of birth of an adult who will take care of the child in the UK, as well as his written consent that he takes responsibility for the child during the trip to the UK.

If a child is travelling with adults, their passport details must be included in the application form, which is completed on the UK State Department website. In the application form, you can specify up to 2 people with whom the child will make the trip. The data will be printed on the child's visa.

Student visa for a child in the UK. This visa category is for children between the ages of 4 and 17 who will be enrolled in a UK school. This visa is issued for the duration of the training program. 

Other types of visas

  • A work visa. There are two types - Tier 2 General - a visa which is intended for qualified professionals and Tier 5 for temporary worker. It is valid for 6 months and is issued based on a contract with an employer.
  • A Student visitor visa - intended for long-term study in the UK. Also, there is a short-term student visa to study English for a period of 6 to 11 months.
  • A transit visa is suitable if you need to travel in transit through the UK.
  • An academic visa - issued to those applicants who are going to conduct academic research in Britain or to take part in the writing of scientific papers. If your profession is a dentistry, you can conduct research, teach, and engage in clinical practice, but not on a permanent basis.
  • A medical visa - issued to those applicants who will plan to undergo treatment in the UK.
  • Wedding visa - this visa category can be used to marry in the UK. You cannot live, work, or study on this visa. It is issued for up to 6 months.
  • Family visa can be used by spouses or partners of British citizens.

For more information on each of the categories of visas to the UK, you can get free advice from our Avisa specialists or call us at +38 (097)-577-2727.

Why a visa to England may be denied

The most common reasons for being denied a visa are:

  • errors in the application.
  • providing inaccurate  data about yourself, your relatives, etc.
  • planning to visit  relatives in the UK who have not legally entered the country.
  • not enough money.
  • there is no attachment to the homeland.
  • no prior evidence of proper use of a visa to another country (mainly for tourist and guest purposes). 

The likelihood of obtaining a visa is also influenced by the visa consul's subjective view of your situation meaning that  in each applicant they see a potential illegal immigrant. Documents on the composition of the family, certificates from work, or ownership of real estate will help to obtain a visa to the UK.

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The cost of applying for a visa to the UK

The cost of a visa to the UK depends on how long the visa will be issued:

  • Visa for 6 months– £115.
  • Two-year visa– £400.
  • Five-year visa– £771.
  • A 10-year visa– £963.

If you need an urgent visa to the UK, along with the consular fee you will need to pay an additional €500 (EURO).

A Standard Visitor Visa may be issued for up to 11 months and, in two cases, up to 12 months:

  • When applying for a medical visa to the UK.
  • When applying for an academic visa to the UK.

The cost for both visas is £200.


Avisa service costs:

  • assess the chances of getting a visa - free of charge.
  • consultation on the list of documents - €10.
  • consultation after visa refusal - €50.
  • checking your completed documents before submitting - €50.
  • fill out the visa application form online, according to your data - €60.
  • fill out the visa application form with our recommendations - €100.
  • fill out an additional Checklist form - €10.
  • registering you on the website of the British Embassy and submitting your documents online - €40.
  • consular fee payment - €10.
  • registration to submit biometric data - €10.
  • individual consideration of your situation with recommendations on how to increase the chances, 60 min - €100.
  • make an individual list of documents - €10.
  • create a travel route - €30.
  • hotel booking - €10.
  • air ticket booking - €10.
  • translations, 1 page - €4.
  • preparation of a motivation letter - €90.
  • courier services for obtaining your passport from the UK Visa Application Center - from €10.

We provide our services only after signing a  contract!

Answers to popular questions about the UK visa

Can I get a UK visa 2022?

Now the UK visa center is open for issuing visas. All those applicants who plan to apply for a visa must complete the application in advance, as well as adhere to the rules of visiting the visa center: wear a mask, bring your pen, and observe the social distance.

What kind of visa do you need to enter the UK?

There are many different categories of visas to visit the UK. To choose the right one you need to start from the purpose of a visit to Britain. Avisa specialists will help you choose the right type of visa and significantly increase the chances of a positive answer.

What documents are required for a UK visa?

When applying for a visa, citizens of Ukraine need to collect a complete package of documents:

  • current international passport and all old passports confirming your history of travel abroad.
  • confirm the purpose of your trip.
  • certificates of income.
  • confirmation of financial evidence.
  • anything that can confirm the attachment to the homeland - real estate, family, children, business, an income source that can only be earned in your home country, etc.

The list may change depending on the specific situation of the person. To understand which list of documents you need to provide exactly in your case, please contact our company, Avisa and our specialists will advise you on this issue.

How much does a UK visa cost?

It is impossible to reply exactly without knowing the situation and needs of the client. The cost depends on the type of visa, duration, and many other factors. The final cost can be announced by our manager after consultation and clarification of all the issues from the client.

Avisa's specialists many years of experience will help to correctly interpret the requirements of a visa officer, consider all the issues of UK legislation, and build an individual work scheme for each client. We will do our best to ensure that your documents are submitted with the maximum likelihood of obtaining a visa.


All the documents, accompanying your visa application, shall be submitted to the Embassy of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in person.


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We have worked successfully with more than 650 customers over the last 18 months from Ukraine, Belarus, the Russian Federation and Poland. At the first meeting with our company we will estimate the probability in getting a visa and minimize your risk of a visa rejection by the Embassy.
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Individual approach
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“State of the art” method
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