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Posted by Avisa:   25.06.2021

When you are going to apply for a child visa to the UK, you need to figure out many issues and questions. You may think that applying for a visa for a child to the UK is much easier than for an adult, but, unfortunately, this is not right. The UK Embassy сonsideres children's documents very carefully. The visa officer, when deciding to issue a visa to a child, must be sure that the child will be under guardianship in the UK and all financial costs will be covered by the parents or other sponsors of the trip.

When you are starting the process of applying for a visa to the UK, you must decide what type and category of visa your child needs. How to choose the right type of the UK visa for your child:

  • Tourist visa to the UK for a child (C-VISIT-CHILD) - opening for travel and guest purposes, visiting a children's camp, studying at a language school, participating in competitions and performances. A tourist visa for a child to the UK is issued for 6 months with multiple entries. A visa to the UK for a child can be issued for a long period of time, for 2, 5 and 10 years. If you need to get a long-term visa for your child you must explain and provide all necessary documents for this purpose to the embassy.
  • Child visa to the UK for study (Student visitor visa) - intended for attending training courses. The visa opens for up to 6 months or up to 11 months.
  • Tier 4 Child visa - UK student visa. Issued for a period of 11 months. This visa to the UK is issued for children from 4th to 17th years old for the purpose of studying at a private school or at an international college.
  • UK visa for a child Tier 4 Dependant - this type of visa involves visiting the country as a dependent family member of the main applicant.


A child visa to the UK is divided into the following categories: Accompanied and Unaccompanied.


A child visa to the UK of the category Accompanied means that the child will be travelling with adults. The details of the adult / adults will be indicated on the child's visa. When you apply for a visa, you can specify the details of a maximum of two adults who plan to accompany the child. Adults who will accompany the child may be: parents, legal guardians, grandparents, other close relatives, school group leaders, etc. If the child is traveling with one of the parents or accompanied by other relatives / people, it is necessary to provide notarized permission for the child to travel abroad from one of the parents or from both parents.

The visa to the UK of the category unaccompanied allows for children to travel without being accompanied by adults. In this case both parents or legal guardians must provide a notarized permission for the child to travel abroad. 

Visa to the UK for a child in 2021.

The procedure for obtaining a UK visa for a child in 2021 has not changed. The British Embassy carefully reviews the documents for each applicant. Documents in Russian or Ukrainian must be translated into English. The standard term for consideration of documents by the embassy is 15 working days. The embassy can also consider your documents urgently, for an additional fee. In this case, your documents will be reviewed in 5 days or 1 day.

How to apply for a child visa to the UK?


  1. Figure out the type and category of visa;
  2. Collect a full package of documents according all the requirements of the British Embassy;
  3. Fill in the visa application form;
  4. Translate documents into English;
  5. Submit documents online or through the UK Visa Application Center;
  6. Accompany the child to the UK Visa Application Center to take a photo of the child for the visa; Starting in 2014, children of all ages must come to the Visa Application Center, even if they do not need to provide the fingerprints.
  7. Obtain a child visa to the UK.


Applying for a UK visa for a child in Ukraine is not an easy process. It is very important to collect the correct package of documents:


  • Documents confirming the purpose of the trip (this can be an invitation letter from relatives / friends, details of your trip route in case of a tourism reason, an invitation letter from a language school, college or camp, etc. If your child is traveling alone to the UK you must provide the contact details of the person who will be responsible for the child in the UK.
  • Documents confirming the ties with the country of residence. In the case of a child, this may be a certificate from the place of study in Ukraine. This certificate will confirm the child's intention to return to his/her country of residence in order to continue studies.
  • Financial documents. The child's trip is usually sponsored by a parent or legal guardian. Travel sponsors must certify that all expenses of the child in the UK will be fully covered.
  • A notarized permission for the child to travel abroad. As described above, if the child is traveling alone, with one of the parents or with another relative / teacher of the group, etc., it is necessary to provide a  notarized permission for the child to travel abroad. In the case that the child will travel alone and not live in the UK with close relatives, the parents, guardians or school must submit a request to the local UK authority notifying them of this.


It is possible to get a child visa to the UK on your own, but you will face a lot of questions and issues. Our company Avisa will help you understand the procedure for obtaining a visa to the UK for a child. We will fill out a visa application form, advise what list of documents you need to provide for the embassy, translate your documents into English, and write a letter of motivation if necessary. We work with each client individually, we devote enough time to arrange everything correctly with the agreed terms. A positive result awaits you with our team of visa specialists!

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