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The essential documents to obtain a Canadian visa are as follows:

  • If you are visiting Canada for the reason of traveling- your trip schedule, hotel and air tickets booking confirmation;
  • If you are visiting Canada as a guest – an invitation;
  • If you are visiting Canada for business reasons – a business partner invitation, an exhibition or conference ticket;
  • Your employer letter on the company headed paper, detailing your position, salary and employment length;
  • A bank statement showing the sufficient funds availability;
  • A bank statement detailing the account activity for the last 6 months.

** in certain cases additional documents may be required.

Visa application fee for travelling to Canada:

  • Travel, transit, guest, business - $185 CAD
  • Student visa (for 6 months or more) - $235 CAD

To visit Canada, citizens of Ukraine must obtain a visa. Documents can be submitted in two ways:

  • to the Visa Application Centre of Canada;
  • online directly to the Embassy of Canada in Ukraine (scanned document copies are acceptable).

In either case, it is now necessary for an applicant to go to the Visa Application Centre of Canada in person to provide biometrics (fingerprints), which is valid for ten years.

AVisa assists in compiling the entire package of documents necessary to apply for the following visa types to Canada:

  • a temporary resident visa: issued to persons, intending to visit Canada as tourists, to visit relatives/friends or for a business purpose. Such a visa type is issued for half a year or for the period of your passport validity;
  • a transit visa: issued to persons, traveling to third countries via Canada by a transit flight.

For six years, AVisa has worked with visas to Canada. Our team has accumulated expertise and knowledge to assist you in applying for a visa.  We are happy to share the nuances and possible issues you can face while filling in an application with our customers. Taking into consideration the purpose of your trip, we can plan and document your route, assist in preparing the appropriate package of documents, write cover letters aimed at assuring a visa officer of the applicant having no immigration intentions, and perform certified translations from Russian and Ukrainian into English.

Remember that with the correct documents, AVisa can prepare a complete application package for the Embassy within 10 working days. Generally, it takes the Embassy of Canada 3 - 15 working days to processes your application.


All the documents, accompanying your visa application, shall be submitted to the Embassy of Canada in person or online.


Our advantages

We have worked successfully with more than 650 customers over the last 18 months from Ukraine, Belarus, the Russian Federation and Poland. At the first meeting with our company we will estimate the probability in getting a visa and minimize your risk of a visa rejection by the Embassy.
Individual approach
Individual approach
Each of our customer’s is different so we make certain that we customize your application. Your specific background and situation dictate the strategy we use to help you get your visa.
“State of the art” method
“State of the art” method
Our business is almost entirely automated. We send your documents to you safely and securely via DHL and Nova Poshta.
The key to your successful visa application is cooperation. We will contribute 90 % of that success with our expertise and work and you contribute 10% with your background and documentation.

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