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The Main Demands for Getting a Canadian Visa оформлення віз, фото на

Posted by Avisa:   09.08.2019

To get a Canadian visa you must meet the main criteria, namely:

  • a valid international passport; being in good health;
  • having no criminal convictions or violations of the immigration legislation of Canada;
  • having strong ties with the country of origin or residence (employment, home, financial assets, family);
  • having intentions to leave Canada, your trip their having ended;
  • having enough money to cover your expenditures while staying in Canada (its amount depends on your stay duration and place of living in Canada).

In some cases an immigration officer can ask you to submit the medical examination results and a letter of invitation from a person, residing in Canada.

Please, beware that you can fill in an application and apply for a visa both on-line and in the visa centre of Canada, although the former way has some advantages.

It goes without saying that all the documents, submitted to the embassy of Canada, must be translated into English. Moreover, sometimes a motivation letter can be rather helpful while your visa application is considered. Our experts are ready to assist you with compiling such a letter, collecting all the necessary documents, contributing to your visa application being positively considered (to say nothing about the documents translation into English) and filling in your visa application.

Please, beware that citizens of Ukraine, willing to get a visitor visa to Canada for the first time, must give their biometrics (fingertips) and a photo before the Embassy of Canada to Ukraine starts considering their visa application. The biometrics fee is CAN $85, it must be paid before applying for a Canadian visa to the embassy.

According to the immigration legislation of Canada, a Canadian visa can be denied in case of the applicant being involved in:

  • - a criminal activity,
  • - violations of human rights,
  • - organized crime,

as well as for the reasons of security, the applicant’s health and finances.

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