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Visitor visa to Canada оформлення віз, фото на

Posted by Avisa:   07.10.2020

In the twenty-first century, international tourism is very developed. People have friends and relatives all over the world. However, to visit them it is not enough to buy a plane ticket and fly away. While planning a trip, you need to know about the visa regulations of the destination country.

Canada is a visa country for Ukrainians, so we need to apply for a visa.

The following steps explain how to apply for a visa to Canada by invitation?

Step 1. You need to have relatives or friends in Canada.

Step 2. Have your host (person in Canada) send you a guest invitation.

Step 3. Be able to confirm and prove that you regularly maintain relationships with relatives or friends.

Step 4. Collect a package of documents.

Step 5. Translate documents into English or French.

Step 6. Submit your documents to the Canada Visa Application Center.

Step 7. Pay the consular fee to the embassy.

Step 8. Submit your fingerprints at the Canada Visa Application Center.

Step 9. Receive your visa from the embassy.

A quite common question is what status should an inviting party have in Canada? These can be persons who have any legal status in Canada, for example: citizenship, permanent residence permit, work visa or student visa, etc.

The following documents are required for a visa to Canada by invitation:

  • A travel passport;
  • An invitation from the Canadian friends/relatives;
  • Financial documents of the applicant or the Canadian friends/relatives if your family or friends will be the sponsor;
  • Documents confirming your link to the applicant's homeland;
  • Other documents (determined by the visa specialist based on the individual situation of the person).

A Visitor Visa to Canada for Ukrainians is most often opened until the expiry of the validity of a foreign passport, but in some cases, it can be issued for a shorter period.

Opening a visa to Canada by invitation in 2020 is realistic, even despite the coronavirus situation. Since June 6th, 2020, the Canada Visa Application Center resumed its work as usual. All applicants have an opportunity to submit their documents online through the website of the Department of State of Canada and then go for the fingerprinting to the Canada Visa Application Center.

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