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The most popular reason for applying for a visa to the Canadian Embassy is for tourism. A visa is needed for all foreigners who want to see the sights of the country, visit museums or shopping, go on a hike, or attend a cultural event. This permit does not include employment, education, or marriage.

How to get a tourist visa to Canada

Every year, thousands of tourists apply for a visa to enter Canada, but not everyone gets a chance to visit the country. The main difficulties in obtaining a Visitor Visa is the suspicion of consular officers that applicants will try to use the visa for illegal purposes. The applicant must prove that he or she will not use the visa for employment, permanent residence, marriage registration, education, etc.).

Anyone who can prove there are confirmations for returning to their country of residence will have a good chance of getting a tourist visa to Canada. Convincing factors for the consular staff will be the presence of a family, minor children, and a permanent place of work or ownership of properties.

For tourism, business or guest purposes, applicants are issued a Visitor Visa. It is forbidden to change the purpose of the visit on your own. If the visa officer discovers a discrepancy between the application form and the applicant's real plans you can lose your visa and be deported along with a ban on visiting Canada in the future.

The validity of a Canadian tourist visa is from six months to 10 years. As a rule, a visa to Canada is issued before the end of the validity of the foreign passport, but at the discretion of the visa officer, the visa can be opened for a shorter period.

The visa processing period is about 2 weeks, but during official holidays it can take much longer. It is necessary to draw up an application form and submit it in advance of the date of departure to Canada. If a positive response is received from consular officers, the waiting period for a passport is up to 10 working days.

Many foreigners think that it is difficult to obtain a Canadian tourist visa without travel history. This is one of the most effective ways to analyze the relationship of a foreigner with his place of residence: if a person has not violated the migration laws of other countries, he is highly likely to be granted a Canadian visa.

Upon receipt of a new passport, a foreigner can provide an expired passport with a full visa history. If Canada is chosen as the first country of travel, Ukrainians are better off relying on more solid evidence of their trustworthiness in the form of family, work, or business.

Answers to popular questions about the tourist visa to Canada

How much does a tourist visa to Canada cost?

The cost of a tourist visa to Canada includes the payment of the consular fee and the submission of biometric data. All government fees and surcharges start from CAD 185.

What do you need for a tourist visa to Canada?

For obtaining a Visitor Visa, you need to prepare a package of documents, fill out application forms and pay consular fees.

How long is a Canadian tourist visa issued for?

A tourist visa to Canada for Ukrainians can be issued for at least six months, until the expiration of the passport or for 10 years. Super Visa is issued for up to 10 years with the ability to continuously stay in the country for up to 2 years.

What are the benefits of a tourist visa to Canada?

A Visitor Visa is needed by travelers to enter the country to visit historical and natural attractions. You cannot work or get an education with this visa.

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Purposes for a tourist visa:

Traveling in Canada
Visiting relatives, friends
Shopping tour
Free lectures, seminars
View the country before moving
Attending concerts, sporting events

Stages of cooperation:

Submit your application
Get expert advice
Submit documents
Pass biometrics
Get a visa to Canada


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