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How long does it take to apply for a visa to Canada? оформлення віз, фото на

Posted by Avisa:   10.04.2020

Every year Canada attracts more and more tourists, and this is not surprising because it is a unique country in every respect. Unfortunately, not everyone is free to visit Canada, for example, for citizens of Ukraine need to get a visa. The embassy's requirements for the applicant are very strict, as Canada is a country with a high standard of living. By the way, a visa to Canada facilitates the process of obtaining a visa in the U.S. and Britain.

So, how can you calculate the time to get a Canadian visa? You should start with plans.  If the purpose is tourism, think about the details of the trip. If you are going to be a guest, your relatives or friends should send an invitation.  You should scan a copy of this letter and include it with accompanying documents (a copy of the document identity and legality of being in Canada).  You will need to include financial documents proving that you can pay for your travel expenses. If you are planning a trip for business purposes, make sure that you have an invitation or a ticket to the exhibition or event.

We strongly recommend that you do NOT pay for flights and hotel rooms before your visa is approved.

Ideally, you should think about the trip two months in advance, because: 

  1. It can take the Canadian Embassy from 3 to 14 working days to review your documents, sometimes longer.
  2. Your documents will not be reviewed until you make your biometric data available and pay a consular fee. Biometric data can only be given at the Canadian Visa Center by appointment.
  3. The preparatory process also plays a role, because before applying for a visa, you will need to:
  • Fill out visa applications,
  • Pay the consular fee,
  • Prepare all the documents,
  • Translate documents into English or French.
  1. If you apply online, and you receive a positive decision, it will take another 1-3 working days for the visa to be pasted into your passport.

A visa to Canada for Ukrainians is opened for 10 years or until the end of the passport.

If there is a case when you need to visit Canada urgently, you may submit documents and attach more detailed letter to explain why the trip is an emergency. However, as there is no procedure for emergency consideration, your application may not receive special consideration. The cost of a Visitor visa is $185 CAN, and a transit visa to Canada for Ukrainians is free.

Making a visa to Canada involves a lot of nuances, and do not forget that there are refusals. And the most common reasons for being denied a visa to Canada are:

  • Errors in the questionnaire;
  • Providing incorrect or inaccurate data about yourself, your relatives, etc.;
  • Residence of relatives in Canada who have not legally entered the country;
  • Not enough money;
  • There is no attachment to the homeland;
  • No record of appropriate travel abroad (concerns more tourist and guest purposes).

Our company has 6 years of experience working with visas to Canada.  We can help you avoid

the most difficult moments and will answer all the questions that you will have in the visa process. Getting a visa to Canada with us is easy!

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