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UK visa for an international driver оформлення віз, фото на

Posted by Avisa:   31.07.2020

Internationals and Ukrainian drivers are increasingly transporting goods to the Schengen area and EU countries. With a biometric passport, international driver's license, and an application for transportation of goods from the "customer" a truck driver can easily transport cargo to these countries, except the UK and Ireland.

In order to transport goods across the UK and Ireland, a visa must be issued.

This is how to apply for a visa to the UK for an international truck driver:

  1. Collect a package of documents (list below);
  2. Fill out an online visa application on the UK government's website;
  3. Sign up for the delivery of biometric data to the visa center in Britain;
  4. Download all the necessary documents online in the eDossier Solo web application. This can be done either for an additional fee with the help of the staff of the visa center of Britain, or you can apply for visa support in a visa agency.
  5. Visit the UK visa center on the appointed date and time;
  6. Receive your passport with a visa sticker attached.

The most important activity is to collect the correct package of documents, the list of which is as follows:

  • A valid Passport
  • Driver's license
  • An international driver's license;
  • A document from an employer about the driver's business trip to the country and a document which will prove the reimbursement of expenses related to the trip;
  • A copy of the contract/application for transportation and from the business partner (customer);
  • A confirmation of the application by the "carrier"
  • A certificate from the employer of the driver with a breakdown of salary for the last 6 months;
  • A copy of all the pages from the employment history book, certified by the company's seal;
  • A copy of the technical passport on the tractor and trailer (if available);
  • Documents confirming the rooting in the country of residence for the driver (real estate, bank accounts, family, children, etc.)

The list of documents may be changed or supplemented depending on the individual situation of the driver.

All documents must be translated into English.

The cost of a visa to England (consular fee of the embassy)

  • For 6 months - £115
  • For 2 years - £400
  • For 5 years - £771
  • For 10 years - £963

The embassy's review of documents takes 15 days.

If you have an urgent need for a visa, you may obtain one in 5 days, in which case an additional embassy fee for urgent consideration is paid.

You should be aware that the visa process is not simple and not clearly set out.  You can face a variety of questions and issues, the answer to which you will not find anywhere on the Internet and even on the official website of the UK government.

However, if you use Avisa’s services you will receive:

  • Full consultation on any issue related to this type of visa;
  • High-quality visa application
  • A registration for filing in the British Computer Center
  • Your documents downloaded online.
  • A motivational/explanatory letter to the embassy (if necessary)
  • Translations of your documents into English.

With the help of the professional service of our specialists, you will be able to get the desired visa as soon as possible.

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