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Visa to Canada remotely оформлення віз, фото на

Posted by Avisa:   02.08.2021

We live in the age of information technology. When quarantine began, many people and companies switched to work remotely. The embassies also started thinking about going online.

The government of Canada made it possible to submit documents online a long time ago. This is very convenient, especially during quarantine.

Our company provides services for obtaining a visa to Canada remotely. We understand that many of our clients live not only in Kiev, but throughout Ukraine. At the same time, we provide visa support to Ukrainians living abroad. Our clients are also citizens of other countries: Russia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, and others.

Any person from anywhere in the world could contact us for services in obtaining a visa to Canada.  See the list below, which category of people we can provide our services:

  • Citizens of Ukraine and citizens of other countries living in any regions Ukraine.
  • Citizens of Ukraine who live on the territory of other countries, for example in Russia, Europe, Asia, etc.
  • People who live in Crimea with Ukrainian foreign passports.

Visa to Canada remotely is real. Our company provides all the necessary services remotely, such as:

  • We consult by phone \ skype \ zoom \ any messenger.
  • We send all the necessary samples.
  • We fill in all the necessary application forms.
  • We submit all your documents for a visa to Canada - online, through the government website of Canada.
  • We can book an appointment for you to pass the biometrics data at the Canada Visa Application Center anywhere in the world.
  • We pay the Canadian consular fee for you online.
  • We send all the necessary documents for the pass of biometrics data and instructions by email. You will only need to print the documents and take them with you to the Canada Visa Application Center.

What is the process of obtaining a visa to Canada remotely?

  1. You conclude an agreement with us.
  2. Our manager will start work with you.
  3. We will send you a list of documents for a visa to Canada, which will be required
  4. scan or take a picture in good quality.
  5. We fill out all the necessary application forms and translate your documents into English.
  6. We submit your documents online on the website of the Government of Canada.
  7. We pay the visa fee and biometrics fee.
  8. We register you for the submission of biometric data.
  9. We send access to your personal account, where you can check out how the embassy processes your documents.

The cost of a visa to Canada (visa fee and biometrics fee) - CA185 $.

Important information! If you have already submitted your biometric data at the Canada Visa Application Center, you do not need to submit it again. Your biometrics will be valid for 10 years. In this case you will have to pay only the visa fee - CA100 $.

Obtaining a visa to Canada remotely is a painstaking process. It is necessary to understand not only all the steps for obtaining a visa, but also the process of sending a passport to the embassy to paste the visa.

After reviewing your documents, with a positive decision of the embassy, ​​your passport will need to be sent by courier to the Canada Visa Application Center.

To send your passport for visa application to Canada, you must:

  1. Receive the corresponding letter from the embassy.
  2. Pay for the services of the Canada Visa Application Center.
  3. Complete your consent with the Canada Visa Application Center and consent to processing personal data.
  4. Send your passport and accompanying documents by courier to the Canada Visa Application Center.

If you have the support of professionals, you will get a visa to Canada easily. Avisa has been helping with Canada visa processing remotely for many years. We offer a full range of services: filling out an application form, translating documents into English, submitting your documents online, consulting.

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