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Business visa to Canada оформлення віз, фото на

Posted by Avisa:   06.08.2021

Doing business with foreign partners always means traveling abroad. It is now easy for Ukrainian citizens to negotiate with Europe because you do not need to open a visa if you have a biometric passport. Business visit to Canada is a different matter. Citizens of Ukraine are required to open a visa for business visits to Canada.

When you are applying for a business visa to Canada, you do not need to sign up for an interview at the embassy. All documents and application forms must be uploaded on the website of the Government of Canada and then submitted biometric data at the Canada Visa Application Center.

How to get a business visa to Canada:

  1. Collect your documents confirming the business purpose of the trip to Canada: an invitation from your partners, a ticket to an exhibition, an invitation to a conference / symposium, etc.
  2. Collect the rest of the documents that will confirm your income, financial ability, and strong ties to the country of residence.
  3. Fill out a visa application form to Canada.
  4. Translate all documents into English or French.
  5. Submit the package of documents online on the website of the Government of Canada.
  6. Pay the consular and biometrics fee.
  7. Make an appointment for the submission of biometric data to the Canada Visa Application Center.
  8. If you received a letter from the Canadian Embassy about a positive decision - send your passport by courier to put your visa to Canada into your passport.

A business visa to Canada is usually open for the period until the end of the validity of your passport. However, depending on the decision of the consulate, a visa to Canada can be opened for a period of 6 months.

The cost of a business visa to Canada is $ 185 CA (visa and biometrics fee). Additionally, expenses:

  • Services of our company;
  • Translations into English;
  • Courier service.

A Business visa to Canada for Ukrainians is intended for visiting Canada for business purposes. Business goals mean negotiations, acquaintance with new equipment, signing contracts, visiting exhibitions / conferences. It is prohibited to work or conduct business on this visa.

List of documents for a business visa to Canada:

  • A business invitation;
  • Documents confirming business relationship with your partner;
  • Documents confirming employment in the country of residence: certificate from work, registration documents of your business;
  • Financial documents. A business trip to Canada can be sponsored by: Your employer, yourself, or your business partner in Canada;
  • Confirmation of strong ties to the country of residence. Family, real estate, assets, investments.

A visa for business travel to Canada is one of the difficult visas. However, if you have all the necessary instructions and professional support, you will find this experience simple and interesting.
The Canadian Embassy considers documents from 14 working days.

We recommend starting to apply for a business visa to Canada a month before the intended trip.

Avisa team will be happy to assist you in obtaining a business visa to Canada. Our specialists have extensive experience working with the Canadian Embassy and will advise you on what list of documents you need to provide, fill in an application form in accordance with the requirements of the embassy, ​​write a motivation letter, and provide a consultation.

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