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Student visa to Canada 2021 оформлення віз, фото на

Posted by Avisa:   26.01.2021

Education abroad is the dream of many students, especially  if we talk about attending school or universities in Canada. Future students are attracted to this country because diplomas from a Canadian educational institution is highly valued in the modern world, and tuition fees are cheaper than in the UK or the USA. If an applicant is accepted to a university in Canada, this does not mean that this will be enough to enter Canada. To enter the country, you need to open a student visa to Canada. Our company Avisa can help you in obtaining a student visa to Canada, and we will be happy to share our experience with you.

The process of applying for a student visa to Canada even with a Study permit     is not easy and can be time-consuming. The embassy may review documents for up to 3 months. Therefore, we recommend that you apply to the Canadian Embassy as early as possible.

A student visa to Canada is issued for a period of 12 months to 4 years. The duration will depend on the education program. If you plan to study in Canada for up to 6 months, you will not need a student visa. You will need to apply for a Visitor visa to Canada.

How to apply for a student visa to Canada 2021

If you were accepted to an educational institution in Canada and do not know what is your first step, the series of steps below will help you understand the process in more detail:

Step 1. Choose a method of submitting documents. You may apply either through the Visa Application Center or online on the Government of Canada website.

Step 2. Collect the necessary documents.

Step 3. Translate all documents into English or French.

Step 4. Fill out visa application forms.

Step 5. Pay the visa fee online at the Government of Canada website using a debit card.

Step 6. Apply online or through the Canada Visa Application Center.

Step 7. Submit biometric data.

Step 8. Obtain a student visa to Canada.

How to get a student visa to Canada 2021

The most important thing is to collect the most complete package of documents. The decision of the visa officer will depend on your documents. What follows is the list of documents which must be provided:

  • Letter of acceptance from an educational institution in Canada.
  • Proof of financial support. This means that either you must have a sponsor who will cover all your expenses for education, food, and accommodation in Canada or you must have your own savings, with which you can support yourself and your family members if they plan to travel with you. The minimum funds to support yourself (not including tuition fees) is CAN $ 10,000 per year in case you study and live outside Quebec. If your educational institution is located in Quebec, the minimum funds to support yourself are CAN $ 11,000 per year (excluding tuition fees).
  • Motivation letter. Be sure to write a letter about why you want to study in Canada, why you chose this educational institution, how the knowledge you gained will support your future. This letter will help the visa officer to understand you better as well as your goals.
  • Police certificate.

The cost of a student visa to Canada.

The  fee for a study visa to Canada is - CAN $ 235.

Reasons for being refused a student visa to Canada:

  • Mistakes in the application forms.
  • You failed to convince the visa officer that studying in Canada is extremely important for you.
  • Insufficient finances.
  • Poor ties with place of permanent residence.
  • Missing documents.

Refusal of a study visa to Canada is common and in this case  all your money  for the consular fee will be lost. Our highly qualified Avisa specialists will help you avoid visa refusals. We will provide you with comprehensive consultation, fill out your visa application forms fulfilling  all the requirements of the Canadian Embassy, and ​​submit your documents as soon as possible.

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