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How to identify a visa “trap”- company? оформлення віз, фото на

Posted by Avisa:   22.08.2019

The company, valuing its reputation and having a great experience of preparing documents, accompanying a visa application to the USA, Canada or Great Britain, will never offer you:

  •  A ready- made visa;
  •  A guarantee of obtaining a visa even for big money;
  •  Forged certificates;
  •  Passport marks, specifying crossing the borders;
  •  The minimum market price.

And now let’s consider such “offers” in detail. Submitting visa documents to the embassy of the USA, Canada or Great Britain is an extremely responsible and not easy task for an average person. An applicant should realize that each document submission to the embassy is recorded for you forever, yes, forever (you are not so naïve as to think that you give your biometrics, particularly, your fingertips for no special reason). If you have some doubts concerning an independent document package formation in the right way, you can be assisted by various agencies, consulting and visa centers, providing a wide range of services.

In most cases an applicant cannot fully comprehend, what company to choose for the probability of getting a visa to be the highest and the company service fee to be low. You shouldn’t seek the lowest price at the market, as such companies – these are mainly conveyers for collecting money, and the chance of getting a qualitative service, a visa and a proper attitude as to the client will be really low, but do not forget that the highest price is not a guarantee!

To begin with, you should call up 2-4 agencies, as well as to get acquainted with their services at the sites and their customers’ feedback. For it to be unbiased it is worth while using independent resources but not the company own site for this purpose.

However, even after this you should not hurry with the choice you like, as you should consider what the company offers you. And this is the most important moment in your deciding and further acting. Having used services of the company, offering a ready-made visa, false certificates or passport marks, you should be ready for the prohibition of your entrance to the USA, Canada or Great Britain for 10 years. To make things still worse, this prohibition will cover not only the state to which embassy you have applied for a visa but also some other countries. In this case you will be able to travel from Ukraine only to Turkey, Egypt and some other states Ukraine has a visa waiver with.

In a similar way you can address the company “guaranteeing” a victory while using gambling machines. But it is not time for kidding. Not a single agency has influence or authorities to approve a visa of any Ukrainian citizen. The decision concerning a visa approval is made directly by the consul of the USA, Canadian or British embassy. All “guarantee” promises have nothing do with the consul’s decision. Thus, it is another trap for naive citizens of Ukraine.

A responsible agency can only advise you how to fill in a visa application and form a document package, how to apply for a visa – with an invitation by a citizen of the state or without it, whether to mention a business or a tourist purpose of the visit, translate all the necessary documents into English, etc. The most demanding customers can expect the agency to do all the work instead of them, nevertheless, they will have to provide with true bank and workplace certificates.

Address exclusively tested companies and avoid attractive traps of fraudsters.

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