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Posted by Avisa:   27.01.2021

At Avisa, we are  often asked “When it will be possible to schedule an interview at the US Embassy?” and “Does the US Embassy issue visas now”?

In this article we will  give a detailed answer to these questions.

As of today, 01/20/2021, the earliest date for the B1 / B2 visa interview is the beginning of June. The dates appear a few times a week    on the US embassy site and it is quite possible to sign up. Interview appointments that were scheduled for January and February have been canceled by the US Embassy. To obtain a tourist visa to the United States, you must meet certain criteria. Our consultation services from  Avisa  can help you to understand the details of your situation and assess your chances.

As for student visas in the United States, the F1 category,  dates are currently available in February and as of now , interviews will still take place. It is quite possible to get a student visa to go to the USA if you have:

  • Enough money to cover all expenses related to studying and living in the United States or your sponsor can finance you.
  • Letter of acceptance from an educational institution in the United States.
  • Strong ties in the country of residence.
  • A clear reason why you need to get an education in the United States. You can expect to have to explain this to  the visa officer during the interview.

Citizens of Russia and Belarus can also register at the US Embassy in Kiev to obtain a visa.

All applicants who have paid the US Embassy visa fee but have not been able to get to an interview, will be able to use this fee until 09/30/2022.

Obtaining a visa to the United States in 2021 is realistic for such categories of visas as F1, C1 / D. For the B1 / B2 visa there is no exact information yet, but there is hope that the interviews will take place in May and June 2021.

Those lucky ones who have a valid visa to the United States can enter the country by observing the new rules:

  • Starting on 01/26/2020, everyone traveling to the United States will have to provide confirmation of a negative PCR test for Covid-19 or a certificate that the passenger had Covid-19 and recovered before boarding at theplane   and at the US customs border. PCR test must be done 72 hours before departure. Everyone should have a PCR test, including US citizens and US residents. Children older than  2 years of age must also provide a negative test. If you have received the Covid-19 vaccine, unfortunately, this will not give you the right to enter the country without providing a negative test.
  • The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends 7 days of self-isolation upon arrival in the country and to be retested between the 3rd and 5th day of stay in the country.

01/18/2021, Donald Trump signed an order to lift the ban on entry to the United States from Brazil, the Schengen countries, Ireland and the UK. We remind you that the ban was introduced for these countries due to the coronavirus. This is good news for us, because it will allow us to fly to the United States with a stopover in one of these countries. This decision will enter into force on 01/26/2021. But do not forget that the new president may annul this order, so we advise you to follow the news.

Our company, Avisa, closely monitors the news from the USA, Canada, and the UK every day, so we are always aware of all the changes. If you are planning a trip to one of these countries, use our free consultation by phone. You can also leave a request on our website and our manager will call you shortly.

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