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A USA Visa after a Visa Refusal. Fake or Reality? оформлення віз, фото на

Posted by Avisa:   26.07.2019

Unfortunately, visa refusals by the USA embassy or a consular agency are not a rare occurrence. So, in 2018 30 % of Ukrainians applying for a USA visa were denied. The data for 2019 are not available yet, however, there some grounds to consider the percentage to be rising but our experts will do their best for you not to get into the statistics.According to our company analysts, whose conclusions are based on the statistics from the diplomatic mission to Ukraine, the main reason a visa application is refused  is not a biased opinion of a consular officer.  The reasons most often cited are:

  • fake or false documents submitted
  • incorrect or misleading data in the documents submitted
  • an incomplete package of documents
  • excessive nervousness or uncertainty during the interview at the embassy or consular office


If your visa application has been refused in accordance with section 214 (b) or 221(g) of the USA Immigration and Nationality Act , there is no need for you to lose hope for your  visa. Although an appeal to the consular officer decision is not required by the USA legislation you may file one. Further, you may apply for a visa again. If your application is denied,  thoroughly analyze your visa history and all the documents submitted by you to the embassy. It is extremely important to provide faithful data in your visa application. The most common mistake made by our compatriots, specifying tourism as the purpose of their visit to the USA, is indicating their relatives, the USA citizens, as persons inviting them to the USA and financing their trip, or failing to indicate such relatives in their visa application. The only right option will be to specify all your relatives, USA citizens, in your visa application. However, if you are planning a tourist visit to the USA without any reference to the relatives, indicate the true purpose of your trip and yourself as a person covering all the related expenditures. Ensure that you have a complete package of authentic documents correctly filled in with accurate and truthful information.  Also, prepare yourself for an in-depth interview at the consulate or embassy.   Our company experts are ready to assist you with all of these factors. With professional help from AVisa, you stand a very good chance of getting  a USA visa in Your passport.

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