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What you need to know before applying for a U.S. visa оформлення віз, фото на

Posted by Avisa:   17.03.2020

At first glance, getting a visa to the U.S. seems difficult. Having a full understanding of the process and knowledge of all the nuances of the interview brings you halfway closer to the dream of seeing the United States, but everything else depends on your situation and the human factor.

Before you start the process of applying for a visa in the U.S., you need to decide on the purpose of the visit. The visa officer always starts with this by looking through the application and later in the process by interviewing you. It is important for him to be convinced of the sincerity of your intentions and to discover incorrect or illegal visa applications.

A tourist visa in the United States is the most common type of visa, but it is important to understand that this name is not correct. For such purposes as tourism, business, visiting relatives or friends the correct name is B1/B2.

The next thing to think about is the time needed to get the visa.  You should apply for a visa at least 21 days before you plan to travel but not more than 6 months before.  It is important to consider that it may be one or two weeks before you are able to have your interview. Then, it can take another

3-5 days before the visa is applied to your passport.  We remind you that a visa to the United States for Ukrainians is issued for 10 years.


Third - you need to pay a consular fee, schedule an interview, fill out an online application DS-160, and prepare all additional documents that may be needed during the interview.

Then, one of the most important factors is the interview at the embassy. The visa officer generally suspects that all applicants have immigration intentions.  It is your task to refute this. To do this you will need to fill out an application with clear and accurate information about your situation, prepare your answers to the visa officer’s questions and wear appropriate clothing to the interview.  Just as important, is your behavior and demeanor during the interview. All these details are important and deserve your full attention.  You should not focus on one or two factors and forget about the rest of the details. Consequently, during the preparation for the interview with our visa specialist, all details, even the most minute things you may forget or simply do not know, are reviewed with you.

It’s a visa officer’s decision to approve or denial a visa, there no needs in unnecessary emotions or to panic. Because a denial is not a sentence, it means that you need to work on your situation, change something, and try again.

Common reasons for being refused a U.S. visa:

  • errors in the application,
  • providing incorrect data about yourself, your relatives, etc.,
  • residence of relatives in the United States who illegally entered the country,
  • poor financial situation,
  • there is no strong attachment to the homeland,
  • no previous trips abroad where you complied with the terms of another visa. (This is mainly for tourists and guests’ purposes).

You could spend a very long time guessing about the reasons for your denial and come up with many issues.  Unfortunately, visa officers very rarely comment on the denial and usually issue a white paper which refers to the article on immigration (214b) which outlines reasons but does not go into specifics. However, our specialists, with detailed knowledge of the application process, can discover the reasons by reviewing your application and understanding how the interview went.  If you have been denied a visa, get professional advice from our visa specialist, who will determine actions that will help to get a cherished visa to the U.S.!

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