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When the Visa Center of Canada will be open in Kiev and Lviv оформлення віз, фото на

Posted by Avisa:   10.07.2020

Gradually, quarantine measures are weakening in Ukraine and elsewhere in the world. However, as the coronavirus has not been eliminated, there are some adjustments to the process of obtaining visas and passing borders. These changes may be temporary and will probably continue until a vaccine is invented.

Beginning on 07/06/2020, the Visa Center of Canada in Kiev and Lviv is gradually resuming work for limited services, namely:

  1. Collecting biometric data. You can now apply for a visa to Canada only online by downloading all the necessary documents and transferring them to your personal online account at the official website of the Canadian Government. 2-3 days after the successful filing of documents and payment of consular fee of the embassy in the personal office, you will receive a request for the delivery of biometric data.
  2. The filing of biometric data is possible only by appointment and only upon a request for the delivery of biometric data from the embassy. Wearing protective masks is required to enter the Visa Center and only applicants may enter the facility.
  3. It’s only possible to send your passport to the Canadian’ visa through a courier service company.
  4. The return of your passport after the decision is possible only through courier delivery from the Visa Center of Canada.

We would like to note that the adjustments described above are temporary, and all other information is as before. For example, the list of documents for a visa to Canada remained unchanged. You need to collect:

  • Passports as well as old passports (if any) for previous trips abroad;
  • Financial documents confirming your activity and income, as well as the presence of a balance in your account and the movement of funds for the last 6 months;
  • Documents confirming the link to the country: real estate, family, business, study, etc.
  • Documents confirming the reason for the visit to the country: an invitation from friends and relatives, hotel booking and travel plan, booking a tour, etc.

These are the most basic documents.  However, depending on the person, the list can change.

If you already have a visa to Canada, unfortunately, you cannot plan the trip yet, as the travel ban for foreign nationals has been extended until 07/31/2020. Information on the extension or lifting of the ban will be known by the end of July.

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