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Completion of the DS-160 application form 2021 оформлення віз, фото на

Posted by Avisa:   05.08.2021

Each applicant, including children of any age, must complete the DS-160 visa application form. It is a very important part of the US visa application process. The application form will contain all the necessary information about you, which will help the US visa officer to understand clearly about your intentions to visit the United States, income, financial situation, and ties to the country of residence.

What are the issues of filling out the DS-160 visa application form?

  1. A DS 160 must be completed before you go to the US Embassy for an interview.
  2. A DS-160 is filled out only online, on the website of the Department of State, Consular electronic application center.
  3. It is possible to fill out the visa application form DS-160 only in English. You must only indicate your full name in your native language.
  4. When you are filling out the DS-160 visa application form, you must save the identifier of your application form with which you can return to the application form later. 
  5. Each time when you apply for a visa to America, you must fill out a new form DS-160.

The DS-160 form is interactive. Which means that depending on your answers and the selected visa category, the questions in the application form will change. There are certainly common questions for everyone, but, for example, the F1 visa application form, the B1-B2 visa application form will have some differences.

The visa application form for children under 14 has less questions than for children from 14. Also, the visa application form has been changed in recent years. In the new application form questions became the same for women and men. Many years the visa application form for women was shorter than for men. 

Steps for completing the US visa application form 2021:

  • Go to the U.S. Department of State and start filling out the DS-160;
  • During filling out the DS-160 you will need to enter information about yourself: personal data, information about travel to the United States and previous visas to the United States, information about family, current work, previous jobs and education, security information;
  • After you will have entered all your data, you need to upload your electronic photo into the form; 
  • When the photo has been uploaded to your application, you will be able to sign and save your US visa application and print the Confirmation page. The confirmation page you should bring with you to the interview.

Our Avisa`s specialists have huge experience in filling out visa application forms DS-160 and visa application forms for the US immigration visa DS-260. We are fluent in English and will be able to correctly enter information about you in the application form. A correctly completed US visa application form will save you from unnecessary questions during your interview at the US Embassy.

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