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How much does a US visa cost?

Posted by Avisa:   27.07.2021

During the pandemic, embassies, consulates, and visa application centers of different countries have adopted new rules for working with applications to prevent the spread of Covid-19. For a long time, it was impossible to get an interview in the US Embassy. However, now it is already possible to schedule an interview for such categories of visas: a student visa, a bride visa, a crew member visa and for some categories of work visas. 

A lot of applicants will have a question: Has the cost changed for a US visa in 2021 or not? 

Our company checks the information on the websites of the embassies every day, we constantly help in obtaining visas to the United States and we can confidently say that the cost of a US visa has not changed.

In this article, we want to remind you how much a US visa is to Ukrainians in 2021?

The cost of a US visa for Ukrainian citizens is - $160. This is the price of consular fee for such categories of non-immigrant visas in the United States:

  • B1-B2 (a tourist / business visa);
  • F-1 (a student visa);
  • C1-D (a crew member visa);
  • I (a journalist visa);
  • J-1 (a visa for participants in US exchange programs);
  • M-1 (a student visa for professional training).

The paid consular fee is valid for 1 year. In case of refusal of a visa to the United States, the consular fee is not refundable. Children pay the same fee as adults.

Other categories of US visas cost - $190. As a rule, the cost of this consular fee will be for the following categories of visas:

  • H (work visas);
  • L (a work visa for CEO of international companies who will be transferred to the same position in a branch of the same company located in the United States);
  • O (a visa for persons with outstanding ability);
  • P (a visa for athletes, cultural workers);
  • Q (a visa for participants in international cultural exchange programs);
  • R (a visa for religious employees).

The cost of the consular fee for visa category K (a fiancé visa) is - $ 265.

Citizens of Ukraine can pay the US consular fee only at the cash desk of the bank - Raiffeisen Bank Aval. If you don't have time to do this, or you are now in another country, our company, Avisa can help you in this matter.

In the process of applying for a visa to the United States, you may have additional costs, which will depend on the following factors:

  • If you are planning to apply for a visa yourself or you will need help from professionals. The prices for our services start at $110;
  • If you are applying for a US student visa, you will have additional costs for the SEVIS student fee - $350. Also, the educational institution will charge a fee for providing for you the I-20 form. The service costs from $150 - $200;
  • When you are applying for an L visa, you must pay a Fraud Prevention and Detection fee of US - $500;
  • Also, depending on the situation, you may need other services from our company. You can check the costs of our services on the website: or consult our manager.

Th such cases the applicant does not need to pay the consular fee of the US Embassy for a visa, for example, this applies to:

  • Diplomatic visas to the United States;
  • If you find a mistake in your personal data of your visa, you need to remake it. If it is not your fault the fee will be free for you;
  • Persons entering the United States for the purpose of conducting certain charitable activities;
  • J-1 visas to be sponsored by the US government.

It is difficult to get the answer to the question: how much an US visa cost, without knowing the details from the client. If you want to figure out how much it will cost for you, contact our company, Avisa. Our experts will advise you on what type of US visa you need to apply for and will also calculate the full cost of all your expenses for a US visa.

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